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Clarification on Why to use WhatsApp and other technologies wisely – By BK Sister Shivani. Today we have a powerful device in hands (mobile phone) which if used wisely can benefit our life in many ways. In many ways, it also is making our life easy and broad. But if not used properly and restricted, the same phone can destroy the peace of our life, our relationships and intelligence of our mind.

Original Email Received

Respected Sister,

I saw the first 3 episodes of SOUL REFLECTION and I have few doubts in my mind.

Sister, I am doing chartered accountancy course and about to enter into the corporate world within a couple of months.

If I follow what you said that is “delete WhatsApp message before reading if that is toxic for our mental health”, then how will i be able to sustain in this world. 

And also you said that at that moment think about , ” what’s the purpose of my life”, but then will never be able to sustain in the outer world and will fail very badly, no doubt i would win in my inner world, but this is not enough to live a prosperous and happy life, for that even social relations, friends are necessary.

What is the solution for the same?

Thanking you.

Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this

From: BK Shivani, Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly University)

Dear Divine Sister

This is the response to your email letter received 2 days ago.

It is true that to stay in our loukik job, one has to know about many things. You may have to feed this information in mind, analyse it and then take a decision. The purpose of saying to ”delete the messages” was not for such a cause which you too. 

Today there are many means which can and are distracting us from our purpose in life. Mobile phone has become a very powerful device. On one click can access everything of world. So necessity arises – to be wise to use it. Those who do not use this technology power wisely, falls in its effect and lose a control in life. Think…

So for you – do read important messages and only keep them in mind for a temporary cause. Do not store for long. Only that information is useful which serves us to become better in life or serves us, inspire us to do something good. Every other is non-useful.

This is called ‘filter’. It is explained by many that technology can make your life and also destroy. Today, small children also get a mobile phone. They play games on phone. Is it any good? No. Playing outside only can benefit both mentally and physical growth. Even they learn friendship, sportsman-spirit and such virtues/values.


Yes we need this technology to make our life better. This really is a source that if one uses wisely can do wonders for the world. See how many services are being done through the TV channels (like PMTV), YouTube (channels) and even WhatsApp (spreading awareness). So limit yourself to only what is needed in life. Why think about external matters which we cannot control..! Isn’t it.?

So some things, a wise soul should put a limit. In specific things that soul will remain unlimited.  Remain unlimited in choices of life. Life have unlimited possibilities. You create your own life every second by taking decisions that will then shape our future. God has given us ”intellect” to think and differentiate between right and wrong. We should always stay on the right path – for the self and for others. Our soul regions is of peace, purity, unconditional love and to be every-happy. So check yourself.

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