How to Get Success in Work?

How to get success in what we do? Here is our spiritual wisdom or guidance. Hard work does not mean to work day and night. The best method to get results is to keep a balance in focused hard work and intelligent work. One should also participate in other important things in life – family, outing, picnic, gatherings, etc. Life is to enjoy your work, not to work and work. ”The one who enjoys his job, is already at success.”

Original Email Received

i used to prepare for the interview and most of the time in interview tension is there and i forgot the answers, am a very good hard worker to achieve my goals if i fail often i used to think that am fit for nothing…

Also i practised writing am a victory soul in notebook for some days, i need some easy practice or alternate method to overcome this situation


Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly University)

Dear Divine Brother

With hard work, the need of experience and intelligent work is needed. One should find a way where less effort is needed and more work is done. This is called ‘intelligent work’. If you do the same task every day, you soon become an expert and do the same task even faster and better the next time. Right? That is why hard work or perseverance is needed for success.

Stay away from what is not needed in your life. Stay away from Bad company. Stay away from anything that distracts you from your goal. This is most important.

You have contacted to us for a solution, which you have got written and also through given videos (below). Also tell your story – How did you come in our contact and when?

— Videos —

1. Secret to success -> (Hindi)

2. I want success (Hindi):

3. Safalta (success)- Samadhan:

4. Tips for success in life ->

Dear Murali – do watch ALL given videos. All are important and can lead your life to success.

There are 2 types of success:

1. Material

2. Spiritual

Material success -> Getting physical comforts in life. Also includes wealth, established life and appreciation from others on account of position in society.

Spiritual Success -> The comfort of Soul. Inner peace, inner satisfaction /Self realisation due to which one fills as if he has got everything that is needed. But in physical sense, he may not have comforts and luxury. This source of spiritual comfort in only one God. To achieve this eternal/ever lasting comfort, one has to walk on the path of Dharma (righteousness) and give up the 5 vices (lust,anger,greed,ego,attachment). This brings us near to GOD (the Supreme Soul)

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