Spiritual Meaning of Ramayan

Many new bks or non bks get confused between stories of Bhakti (path of devotion) and their meanings as per Gyan (spirituality). Here is our effort to handle a query related to Ram, Ravan and Ram setu. Read on.

Original email received

According to brahma kumaris Ram and Ravan ka real me existence nahi tha… To ISRO (scientists) ne Ram Setu bridge ka real me existence hai uthar, ye kaise prove kar diya hai.

Our email response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading From: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidyalya

Dear Divine Brother, You have asked a right question. It shows you are inquisitive towards Godly Knowledge. Here is our response.

Your question has two parts. We’ll take it one by one. But first we suggest you to take 7 days rajyoga meditation course at your nearest center or online so that you understand vividly.

1. Who are Ram and Ravana?

As per Indian mythology, Ram and Ravan are depicted as two persons. One is titled as Lord Rama and other as Asur/Rakshash Ravana.. One is Considered as Good and Other Evil depicting the triumph of good over evil. And Ramayan is said to take place in Tretayug (the era of Swarg)..   God has revealed that at the time of peace and happiness, there cannot be Sadness. If in the time of tretayug (swarg), Ram and Ravan were together, then it couldn’t be called Swarg. So story of ram and ravan is made to teach a lesson to mankind in general.. First one being, good always wins over evil. Each such story in the Epic has a beautiful spiritual meaning.. Watch following two to know more->

Ramayan ka Adhyatmik Rehsaya- part 1: http://bit.ly/2vdeSRD Ramayan ka Adhyatmik Rehsaya-part2: http://bit.ly/2VWjC9Y

Also, You might have known about a game called Chinese Whisperer, where a sentence if passes on to many people changes its form, meaning and essence. Same has been done with the great Epics of bhakti marg. Not only in Aadi-sanatam devi devta dharma but for all religions in the world. Religions were made to keep man on a right path but due to increased Tamsikta (तामसिकता), the lessons given by ancient saints has been dewormed.

2. Ram setu bridge

Brother, When you’ll take rajyoga meditation course, you will come to know that there happens transformation during changing of yuga (युग). First from satyug to tretayug, second from tretayug to dwaparyug, third from dwaparyug to kaliyug (and sangamyug) then fourth from sangamyug to satyug again.. during such Transformation both Virtues in human and geographical changes on earth takes place. Since this world drama of 5000 years is eternal, there has been changing infinite times.

Ram setu, as shown in Ramayana was built to reach Lanka. Due to many geographical changes, a bridge happens to form, on which again as explained above stories have been formed which had a spiritual meaning.. This is nature of 5 elements.. Not to wonder if a geographical structure happen to exist like ram Setu made of floating stones..

Also refer-> Jeewan ka adhar geeta ka sar: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=niWfDfNtyLE secrets of geeta: https://www.youtube.com/user/BKUsha1

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