Clarification on Murli Points

Clarification is given on some points from Gyan Murli on Paramdham, Satyug, Krishna, Yog stage and more.

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About: Clarification on Murli points

1. Vishnupuri

Is the coming new world where the 2 forms of Vishnu (Shri Lakshmi & Shri Narayan) will rule the divine kingdom. Satyug is called Vishnupuri or Swarg (heaven). Puri – means a place. Vishnupuri – a place where Vishnu rules.


The Soul world. Our original residence is paramdham (Supreme abode) where we souls live before coming in the corporeal world to play our part. Soul is a tiniest point of light or consciousness. Scientifically, the Soul world is zero dimensional. There is no sound, no motions and no time. This is what the seekers (sansayis/sages) call – the Ultimate truth or Nirwana. Paramdham is our supreme home and the permanent residence of the Supreme soul (God).


Three World and Satyug Golden age

2. Krishna and Radha

– Are childhood names of Lakhmi and Narayan. It is explained in Murlis. Krishna is the first child born in the age of Satyug (first child born with the power of Yog). Radha follows. After their marriage, their names changes to Lakshmi and Narayan and they are the King and the Queen of Golden age in Bharat. Their Kingdom is still remembered as the ”Perfect world”.

3. Karma-Ateet

Meaning: Ateet (away/above) from the results of our own Karma. One who below aloof (above) of experiencing the result of karma. This is the highest stage of Soul. Closest to the supreme soul – Karmateet sthiti. This stage can only come when the soul is in complete knowledge of Drama and Yog power is at its peak. There is no worldly attraction. In such way the soul joins its intellect with Shiv baba.

4. God is the Father, Teacher and Guide

Father: Gives us the inheritance of new world (heaven), loves us and gives sustenance.

Teacher: Teach us the knowledge of truth (of Soul, Supreme Soul and World drama)

Guide: Takes us back to our the supreme home (home of eternal peace and light – Paramdham /Nirwana)

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