Save Water and Earth’s Resources

Water is essential for life. Education should first teach us how important is safe water for our day to day life. How can we sustain the clean water and its sources. So here is our view on the importance of saving water on Earth and in general – all Earth’s natural resources.

To: Everyone Reading this
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Topic: Saving Nature’s resources

The way of living with consciousness is a general and better way of saying – save water or save environment.

In today’s time, the lifestyle of people has changed in a way which is also impacting our nature. We cut down forests to make timber for furniture, for papers, for medicines, etc. Cutting down trees definitely impact our environment. It rains more in some places and less or not enough in some places. With lesser trees, is a lesser production of oxygen, which is essential for everyone. As conscious beings (human beings) we all are equally responsible for protecting the mother nature.

”Our great country India has been known as ‘Bharat’ since the very ancient time. Our country, around 5000 years ago was completely different. The people were with divine nature and the climate (nature) was our servant. Nature was perfect. There was plenty of clean and even herbal water. The population was very less. The residents of great Bharat were deities, who were very conscious of mother nature. They used its 5 elements (water,earth,fire,air,space) in the right way – in order to benefit everyone… now after 5000 years, our earth’s resources have degraded. Water is polluted. We all have caused this. It is time to get up, to realise that without clean air and water, life is not sustained. This is our priority.”


Water is life. We have learned this in school, painted such posters in our drawing classes. But do we understand? How many of you follow this 100%? The importance of something is realised in its absence. There are many regions in the world where there is a shortage of water supply or there is no clean water.

To add – only 5% of water on earth is drinkable. And from this also, the polluted rivers (through industries, etc) can be cut down. Remaining only 2 or 3% of water reaches our home. Yet it depends on many factors whether or not that water is drinkable. Some uses a ‘water purifier’.

Not only water, but misusing any of nature’s gifts is not a wise way of living. Mother nature is full of grace and ever-giving and we should learn this virtue from nature.


Meditation is a connection with body, nature and then the Supreme soul. This makes us conscious for the climate in which we live. Meditation, in which we spread peaceful vibrations around us which passes to the nature, reaching the five elements (water, air, earth, fire, space).
RajYog or meditation have no connection with body or posture of body. You can do RajYog (meditation) even while standing, sitting on a sofa or lying on bed. This meditation is an intellectual connection with GOD. Learn more -> Raja Yog meditation


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