Husband took a Wrong Path

A wife discovered husband was taking a wrong path in life (to fulfill sexual desires-affair). This vice of lust is your greatest enemy – God himself declares. Here is our response given and guidance on how to deal and decide what should be done.

Original Email Received

Dear Sister Shivani, I am married since 3 years now and I really love my husband and I tend to believe that even my husband loves me too and wants me in his life too. However I recently discovered that in my absence he takes the wrong path to fulfil his sexual desires ( he approaches prostitutes and uses other medium as well). It was shocking for me to know this fact as I used to think of our relationship as a perfect one and was very proud of it.

When I confronted him, he accepted that he did this thing and also that he has done it in the past as well however he said that he is regretful about it and promised me never to do it again in future ever. Since my relationship is very important for me and I have always believed in accepting the person as they are, so I forgived him. But still I found again he was repeating this mistake. What to do? How should I proceed?

Our Email Response+ Guidance

To: Anyone who needs this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhalay (Godly University)

Read your first email again. We sent you the link to our Forum because we have already answered such relationship based email letters and are posted on Forum.

Purity is the best ornament of human being. If no purity, then no peace (since a pure mind can only sustain peace” Please read this article: Celibacy – A way of life.

Your husband has certainly took a wrong path. Godfather (Shiv baba) himself says: ”Lust is your greatest enemy.”

** Explain the below to them ***

God did not say anger is greatest enemy. God rightly said lust is enemy. Since you see this vice is the root cause of all evil. We are all brothers (as a Soul form). There is no difference. But when we start seeing each other as a body, this 5 vices gets a chance. Therefore ”Soul Consciousness” was the first teaching of God since the coming in 1936. For you only, I advice to please know the History of Yagya. (MUST visit)

Now coming to your husband. See, when a human being neither comes in Gyan (takes knowledge), nor does Bhakti (devotion), his chalan (manners) become poluted. Because one who does not remember the source of peace and purity shall definitely lack that.

Hence the first thing is to make him worship. (( Since the soul has this vice of lust, they will not immediately take any Gyan )).

Worship -> In morning, do Bhakti (pooja) based on your religion. This will atleast bring his intellect towards God and due to that he shall feel shame to do anything wrong. Understood?

You yourself have to care about this. In morning, wake up first and put on devotional songs in your home. After bath, you both sit for Pooja. You can lovingly force him to sit with you.

(( For some days, completely forget about his past. Let the soul heal itself.))

This will surely work if you follow correctly.

NEXT – Convince him to watch ”Awakening” series – watch from YouTube the episodes you like the most.

NEXT – It is known that whatever we see and listen during the day does affect our mind. Hence here are divine songs you and husband should DAILY listen. This will surely bring an ‘immediate’ transformation which you will see practically.

Divine songs playlist >


Get mobile app ->

NEXT – shall be explained after you try this and email us again about progress.


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