Hurt or Break in Relationship

Breakup in love relationship lead to hurt. Here is our help and guidance to spiritual understand and to overcome from the pain created. Also the direction to connect with God (our spiritual father) to enjoy the true and unconditional love and acceptance.

Original Email Received

om shanti
i have a request that i want my email to be answered my sister shivani if possible
Sister i am hardika 21 years old . I want to talk to you about a heavy past that i am not able to overcome . it haunts me like anything i cant explain .
So 1.5 years ago i was in a relationship with a guy for 2.5 years .. we had a beautiful relationship … like a fairy tale .. just like every girl imagines in our childhood .. but then he and his family threatened me that they will come at my place and my fathers office and tell everyone what ive done to their child .. i swear sister.. I have never done anything wrong that wold turn down my parents head..neither have ever done anything wrong with that guy … i am a strong girl .. i have been following you sister since 4-5 years ..
the reason why i am not able to get over this is because he and his mother used to love me alot .. they used to care for me alot .. the the amount of attention and love that guy has given me .. ive never received it in my entire life ..all of this was a lie ? i want to move on .. im trying to .. what should i do sister ?

Our Response + Guidance

To: Hardika
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister,
Your email is received and read. Here is our response.

You are hurt and still very emotionally attached to your old friend. That is why you are very often reminded of the way you were treated by him. It is good to love someone truly and purely. But attachment always causes pain and a dependency on the other person to feel good. This is not healthy and everlasting. Every soul craves for pure love in form of acceptance. It is the basic nature of the soul.

The source of love is God. Such as the source of peace and joy is also God. What we receive from God is unconditional. But when we cannot get such unconditional love from humans, we feel hurt. Simply because God is perfect. No one else is perfect. To tell you that we lived with God in his company at a time that we NOW feel a LACK of that true love. Hence it becomes soul’s basic nature (to live or to seek to live around peace and love)

Everyone comes with a package of sankars from their past birth/s, both negative and positive. It would be unfair to compare two people with different sanskars. What you are perceiving to be lacking in your relationship is due to the expectation of a particular kind of treatment that your mind was used to. Now if the other person is not providing that then you are deeply disappointed. You would need to reprogram your mind and strengthen from within.

What he and his mother did to you was because of your karma from past births. Firstly they gave you love, then they rejected. This means that there was such a karmic account between you. Knowing this, there should be no pain for you. Now you know that the karmic account is resolved.

What you can now do to create a right karma is to accept it and not create any more sorrow out of that relationship. To really leave the past behind, send pure love to everyone around you and move on. However not to indulge in such bodily relationships which are always short longing. Souls are not perfect. But God is perfect. If you connect and have a relationship with God, experience you will must – the true peace, love and joy. Just like we do. For this, learn ‘Raja Yog meditation’

Learn RajaYog ->

Having a Direct relationship with GOD ->

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To give and receive unconditional love, you should understand that you are a soul. Body consciousness is the root cause of all sorrow. See in this case also, becuase

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~~ To empower yourself ~~

1. Practice Self-affirmation (Swaman) ->

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Do visit all the above links and you are anytime welcome to contact us again about your progress.

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