How to Tolerate?

How to tolerate? The presence of knowledge in mind allows you to tolerate anything, easily. Here is an email with a detail guidance given on this subject.

Email Recieved in Jan 2019

Dear sister.

I have watched your advices in the videos in Virtue Baby…

Sister I am going to have a baby now.. but I tried to sorted out my problems with my mother in law..

But things are going worst.. She always rebuke me on my back & my misfortune that I always hear those words.. I can’t help myself.. except being silent..And if I start speaking my husband will be hurt.. which I don’t want so I have to be quite. From few days I automatically disliking them.. I m becoming very confusing that to do.

I tried to do each & every duties of mine but she won’t be happy at all.

If something mistake are done by her she simply put them to my head thinks I won’t be able to know…still then also I don’t reply. Till now things are going to this much only but I m afraid after my child..birth I am pretty sure that the topics will b worst. I can say to my husband that we should live separately but that won’t be the solution.

Our Email Response

From: BK Shivani, Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalay (Godly University)

To: Richa

Dear divine sister

Good morning

Your email letter is received. Here is the response.

Your question is – How to tolerate harsh words of someone? Right?

There are 2 ways and out of which only 1 is better. The better way is ”love”.

You have to tolerate with ”love”. Do you know some people love to do something, even when that ‘something’ is weird. Likewise, you should and can develop love to tolerate. This only can happen when you know why you have to tolerate.


Not because they are right or wrong. But because when you tolerate, 2 nice things happen.

1. Karmic account between you and them starts solving

2. You become stronger within.

In both ways you are in benefit. So make this a love. When they speak harsh words, smile and send them good words, good feelings. You will see within few days or weeks that they also starts having the same good feelings for you. This is nature’s law.


To tolerate does not mean not to react. It also does not mean simply not to speak or come in conversation with anyone. In fact, the power to tolerate comes when there is a situation where you are tested.

The source of toleration is love. Love makes everything easy. This will make you powerful from within.

A higher way to tolerate other souls – is to regard this as a Shrimat or direction to us children by our Spiritual father (GOD). We all love God, hence if we consider this an advice or direction of God, this tolerating becomes easy. OK?

Sahan Karne ki Vidhi hume Swayam ParamAtma sikhate hai -> (watch this video clip – Avyakt Murli video clip)

— Please also read below — Introduction to the Godly Knowledge —-

The source of our wisdom is God’s murli.

We all are Godly students. Brahma Kumar or Kumari means – ”Mouth born children of God through his corporeal medium – that is – Brahma baba”. We study from Shiv baba, who is our spiritual father, teacher and true guide. Know – About God – Shiv baba

Watch this vdo

When to tolerate and when to Face? (English):

Being a student, we all have some virtues and some weakness. No one is yet perfect. But our aim is definitely to become as perfect as Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan – Know more as you take the 7 days course online here ->

As you take the course above, you will understand more. God has come.



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