World Drama cycle

Here is a collection of many useful articles, forum posts, videos and audios that relate to WORLD DRAMA. This is to clear your doubts and to answer the questions on how the life is a drama play. The whole world comes in a drama of 5000 years which passes through 4 stages – Golden, Silver, Copper, Iron. While the drama or the world cycle repeats again at the end of iron age. How? Come and know.

World Drama Wheel

World Drama Cycle with 4 Ages

To: Everyone

From: On behalf of Shiv Baba and Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhayalay

Topic: DRAMA

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Please visit the given articles/posts to get the answer to any question on WORLD DRAMA.

1. (post) Is World Drama Predestined?:

2. (audio) World Drama explained: (Soul Talk series)

3. (article) World Drama explained in 40 points:

4. (audio) Questions on World Drama (soul Talk):

5. Purusharth short class by BK Suraj on ‘DRAMA’:

6. Course page – Day 3 – World Drama Cycle:


1. Polaris Star – World explained (Hindi):

2. Polaris Star – World transformer (English):

3. (class) Drama Ki Yatharth Samajh (Hindi):

4. Satyug – Golden age (visual):

5. Sristi Chakra ka Rahasya:

6. Cycle of time – BK Shivani:

* Videos Gallery -> (Collection)

Do save all the links and visit them when free. Read articles/posts, watch videos and listen the audios also. This is clear all doubts.

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