Day to Day Timetable

Do you realise and wish to transform the Self? Here is a day to day timetable to use for Self transformation. This way you can live the life of a purpose. Timetable provided here will surely allow you to do your loukik job or other activity.

Original Email Received on 25 Feb 2019

Hello, I met a wrong person, he was tantrik , he send some negative powers to disturb me physically.

I faced that for 3 years long. Now from past 5 months I am completely fine.

But those things have impacted my mind so much that my meeting with him and many past back things remain active in my.mind.

Many times even today also I thought to finish my life. Please help me how to get out of all these. I am an 26 years old girl, unmarried, done btech and mtech and preparing for govt exams.

I listened bhram kumari many videos on youtube. Can u please tell me what should I do so my life is happy and i can live my this very moment.

Thanks and regards,


Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this

From: BKWSU (Godfatherly University)

Here is our advice and guidance for you

1. As a start, CHANGE your daily life timetable – wake up early, sleep early. Have food at a specific time and a specific amount which is needed for body. Food should be light & simple (Refer: Yogi’s Diet)

2. Wake up and sit for 10 mins with eyes open and mind focused. This is the first step of meditation you see. In these 10 minutes, go deep within. Practice introversion. To become ‘Soul conscious’, you may take help of this music collection.

3. Now to learn RajYog (meditation), take guidance from these ”RajYog guided commentaries

4. Then during the day whenever get time, do listen this Swamaan abhyas:

( Swaman means having recognition of our TRUE nature. That is Peace, Purity, love and powerful. These above commentaries helped a lot of souls )

5. Practice 2 minutes silence in every 1 or 2 hours daily. This we call as ”mind traffic control” as you see the traffic is of our thoughts present in mind. This practice leads to a clear and clear and hence powerful mind through which you can take better decisions.

As a help, do use our Mobile App with traffic control.

6. For more and complete guidance, take audio & visual help from the RESOURCES section ->

Above 5 steps are for your life and will definitely show you practical results. However, keep in mind that you the Soul are in a journey of life where favourable and unfavourable situations may and will come which will test your”patience” and ”will power”. You have to have patience and faith.

Learn about What is Raja YOga meditation?

Do follow all 5 steps and write to us about your progress after 15 days (do give this email as a reference so that we recognise you)

Do visit all given links OR save on phone

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