How to Approach Us for Service?

This our advice on how to approach for sewa which involve support from headquarters as well. Here is our step by step advice.

Original Email received

I have been following brahmakumaris practices since the past 8 years. I am a Chartered Accountant. I have recently started my own venture in the field of children’s publications. One of the offerings is a digital platform for daily current affairs in which only positive news will be reported for children. I do believe that the teachings of Shiv Baba will greatly benefit children. I wanted to connect with the relevant person in your organisation who could possibly understand my offering and see we can collaborate to take the teachings of Shiv Baba to children on a daily basis.

Email response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this From: Prajapati BrahmaKumari Ishwariya VishwaVidhalaya

Dear Divine Sister, Good to know about your plans for sewa. It’s a wonderful and appreciable effort. God (Shivbaba) feels proud of serviceable souls like you.

First of all congratulations for your new venture. If children are taught Gyan Yog right from the beginning, it helps in framing their mindset spiritual and stronger will power.

1. Firstly it is important to remember Shiv baba and discuss your plans for seva with Shivbaba. Baba says, ‘ महावीर बच्चों की विशेषता यह है कि पहले याद को रखते फिर सेवा को रखते ‘. This will ensure success in sewa.

2. You must discuss your plans for this seva with the sister/brother incharge of your nearest brahma kumaris center (sub center/ Main center/ zone center). They shall assist you further. 

Center finder->

3. Wings of brahma kumaris are established to target a particular sect of society. You shall become member and discuss your plans with in-charge of relevant wing as you like. We recommend you should approach Business wing, Media wing, Education wing or Youth wing. See here-> 

Sites of each wing-> Contact details of each wing (pdf)->

~~ ADVICE ~~

You are in Gyan since few years and would hence know the importance of murli in our brahman life. Murli is the only medium where God father (Shiv baba) speak to us directly. Hence to make us equal to himself. Do you realise this?

There are many places where Murli is served on internet.

So here are selected good sources to listen/read daily Murli:

1. Hindi murli ->

2. Audio murli daily on SoundCloud -> (follow this channel)

3. Madhuban murli -> madhubanmurli. org

4. On YouTube ->

5. Get mobile apps

For Android:

For iPhone:

Contact again to ask more.

In Godly World Service


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