Recovering from Disease

God is the supreme surgeon who not only can treat diseases of soul (five vices) but also of body. This is our advise on how to recover from disease with the help of God (Shivbaba).

Your Original Email Received

Mujhe CKD stage 5 bimari hai .. operation hoga. AAP Baba Ko bolkar mujhe thik kar dijiye na .. please please…

Email Response + Guidance

To: Puja ji and everyone reading

From: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidhalya

Dear Divine Sister,

You seem to be Gyani already, so you must be aware of karmic accounts. Only you can settle your own karmic accounts and no one else. So we cannot tell baba to treat your disease.

But good news is that you can ! Follow the following steps-

1. It is recommend to YOU to give SAKASH to your body in morning (Amritvela- 2 to 4 am). Choose any one hour – 2 to 3/ 3 to 4 (recommend) /4 to 5. Create powerful thought-Mai atma master sarvashaktiman hoon and mai atma master roohani surgeon hoon. And then go to Sooksham Vatan, emerge your body and tell baba to give healing vibrations.

~ Commentaries ~

Healing through rajayoga:

Healing commentary:

disease free body:

2. charge Water everyday during amritvela and drink it. Do this for 21 days. It has shown magical results. (Most recommend)

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3. don’t skip on medical treatment, take proper medicines and health care.. Gyan – yog is 60% and medicines – 40%

Always Remember Baba, He is supreme surgeon. Take baba with you in operation theatre, be combined with Him.. Everything will be okay.

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contact again to ask more and share your progress.

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