How to deal with unstable love relations?

Nowadays unstable love relations have become very common. This is our advise to tackle.

Original Email Received

I love and believed him a lot, but went wrong by doubting him. I asked him apology many a times. But he’s just sticked to it n not understanding the situation why i did? what should i do? How should i resolve? He’s not ready to listen anything. U am trying from 6 months. pls help. pls.

Email response + Guidance

To:  shweta and everyone reading From:  Prajapati BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa-Vidhalaya (Godly Spiritual University)

1. Firstly, it is highly recommended for you to attend 7 days Rajyoga course at your nearest Brahma Kumaris Center. This will answer all your questions about your relationships and help you a lot to solve everything. 7 days course online:

2. While and After attending the course, make it a routine to Meditate atleast twice a day.  Timing: morning between 4 am to 5 am and evening between 6:30 to 7:30

Meditation is a way to connect God (incorporeal God Shiva, sweetly called as Shiv baba. Baba means – father)

Do you know? God, the supreme father of all souls has come to earth. He is your father and calling you to meet Him. He is your only companion and partner who will never leave your hand. Visit your nearest Brahma Kumaris center to know God and his divine deeds.

Once you will establish a connection with God, all your questions including the true definition of love, trust , peace will be answered. And after all when you’ve God with you, who else you need more? It is a promise all your worries will vanish the moment you’ll know God.

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