Taking Money at a BK centre

An email as to report an activity going on a BK centre – A Sister was taking money in the name of Brahma Kumaris and events management. Here was our response and guidance for the asker and his family who is a faithful child of Shiv baba, a regular godly student.

Original Email Received in Feb 2019

Dear concern

This is for your kind information that my mother used to go in local om shanti center in near by area from last 1yr, and feel like those Didi’s are available in the center ,force almost everyone to give more then required money to them for going to mount Abu or any near by City like they are going to gurgaon tomorrow i.e. 20/9/2018 for janki Dadi satsang, they almost made my mother cry for not agreeing to give dakshina amount of RS. 500 exactly in addition to convince, and daily they make people feel insulted by any of the reasons.

I just want to know is it necessary to give dakshina exactly you want, is this thing is in policy of brahma kumaris?

I will let you know the complete address once get any revert.


Our Email Response

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

Your letter is received by us. You are received.

No Gaurav, it is not permitted by Shiv baba to demand money, not even a single rupee for any cause. It is law within our family of Brahma Kumari and Kumar, to arrange money for service by ourself. We never should ask anyone from outside for money. They may give a room for daily murli class.

Money should not be asked. But if those sisters at any centre are doing this, they are doing a GREAT disservice in Yagya. They are unaware of God has come. They should and will be punished. While you or me are not a judge to announce the judgement. There are many things we do not know – Why do a good soul does an inaccurate karma? There must be a reason. But surely now as we have knowledge of both good and bad, we must choose the good always. The purpose of this knowledge given by the God father (Shiv baba) is also to make us pure and divine souls, which we were initially.

All souls are pure and perfect when they first come into the corporeal world (to play their part in World Drama). Then they do karma and according to their karma is decided their next birth. No one goes back until the end of the cycle. Now is that great time of ”transformation”

You wish to know more, please read the History page to know the complete history and hence you wil know the truth and the life of a true Brahma Kumari: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/history

Also know that there are very very few complaints like this. Because mostly we know that all surrendered sisters (or say most of them) are selflessly serving.

But yet, it is certainly possible that such a wrong person may have entered the centre who is going against the Shrimat.

I surely know the present condition of some Baba’s centres. Some souls are being living at centres but not following the Shrimat of Shiv Baba (God). But do you know more? Only 5% of such souls exist. 90 to 95% are making efforts according to the shrimat by their own extent – to transform the self first and then guide brothers and sisters.

Here is an example you may know – BK Shivani:

Above is a video clip which is from Delhi where this spiritual meeting was organised and this is a speech from bk shivani.

So as said, a majority of souls are good. Only a few are so who are going on wrong path against the shrimat. They will surely suffer in the end. You DO NOT need to see them. Do not look to them. Do not go near them.

Your attention is and should be towards God, our eternal father who has come here and teaching us this knowledge. This is called Murli.

What is Murli?: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/what-is-murli

108 points of Shrimat (Hindi): http://www.bkdrluhar.com/00-htm/Pyare%20Bapdada%20Ki%20108%20Shrimat.htm

Please read on website pages and listen the videos also.

If you have any question, visit FAQ page


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