General Tips for Purusharth

We received an email written by a sister who is already in Gyan. They discussed about their personal family situation where they are trying their best to walk in the path of Shrimat. Here they asked for some advice to overcome or resolve the opposition for Gyan in family.

Also know that we have recorded a special message of Shrimat for Balance in Purusharth and Family. Do listen.

To: Everyone reading this

It is known that such things will happen. Some will oppose. But with time, majority has become like minded with Baba’s shrimat. Now, many comes to find peace and they get it at centres or by RajYog. Then they say – ‘Brahma Kumari are doing good for the world.’

But our actual aim is to GIVE THE KNOWLEDGE that we are learning from Shiv baba. So this remains to be done.

Shrimat is not to leave the family. There is a reason why this is said. If you simply leave, then the Karmic account still remains. First finish the accounts and then leave.


Yog bal – With the constant yog with Supreme soul, we can end our past karmic bondages. Soul becomes pure. Yaad is major subject.

(Source: 4 subjects of BrahmaKumaris)

1. You are a Purusarthi soul. Your aim is to become like Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. This means to emerge our original virtues of Peace, Purity, Love and Bliss.

2. Yaad with the Supreme soul (Shiv baba) makes the Souls pure from the past life karmas. This purification is a part of emerging the original nature.

3. Murli is the source of knowledge. Yes. With that Murli is also a source of Shiv baba’s talking with us children. Think. We have prayed and prayed for thousand years (since copper age) to meet and know God. Now he himself has come to meet and talk with us. To teach us and make us equal to himself.

4. You are one of those SPECIAL souls who came early in World drama. You are a Satyugi Soul, aren’t you? As an ancestor, you are loving, caring and forgiving to souls who came after you. You are their ancestor. Hence your regard is to love them. Care them. Empower them.

**** Advice ****

1. Wake up early morning and sit for about 15 mins for Swamaan Abhyas with these guided commentaries ->

2. Practice 5 forms of Soul (Panch Swaroop). Here below are some useful links

* 5 forms of soul (English article):

* Panch swaroop abhyas (BapDada):

* Class on 5 Swaroop (BK Suraj):

3. Learn and practice RajYog with these ‘Selected best’ guided commentaries in both Hindi & English ->

** Here are gifts for you **


BK Google – Search engine for BK:

Get mobile apps ->

Save the links on Phone or PC.


In Godfatherly Service

On behalf of Shiv baba


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