Mount Abu Accommodation

A letter received in email to get information about Accommodation procedure for Mount Abu (madhuban) centre. They wanted to come with family for a few days. Here is our response and guidance.

Original Email Received

I alongwith my three family members have made a programme to visit Barahamkumari’s Ashram and other monuments at Mount Abu. I, therefore, request to kindly book two rooms at the Ashram or tell me the procedure to do this myself.

I shall be grateful to have your cooperation in this regard.

Om Shanti

Thanking you

Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

Topic: Mount Abu stay, course

Dear Divine Sister

You are welcome to visit the centre (Madhuban) and take the course also. You may also do 2 or 3 days Bhatti (you will know when you come here and ask someone). However the ashram is NOT for anyone. It is only for regular Godly students. But you can come and know if a room is available. The 7 day course is for everyone new – you can come with family.

For this, you can come anytime. Doors are always open. However, because you are not a member of the brahman family (you are not surrendered at a BK centre), you have to arrange the stay. There are many hotels nearby.

However, if you and your family wish to take the course, ask someone and you may be allowed to live in ashram also. There are strict Guidelines for those who wish to stay in madhuban. You must follow the below procedure.

Guidelines + Procedure: (Accommodation)

Shiv Baba is with everyone. In bhakti marg also it is remembered and praised that God is blissful with all. But you have to take the 1st step. Come and know the essence of all Godly knowledge through the 7 days course and as this recognition occurs in mind, you will know that God (Shiv) has come.

It is possible that Shiv baba called you to his home (madhuban). Then you don’t need to worry for anything. Come with all your heart. As the Accommodation guidelines are given, do call Shantivan and ask them to book you 2 rooms.

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