Changing Self from Negative to Positive

This is the advise given to change some habits and transform self from negative to positive being. Here is our guided solution.

Original Email Received

Didi hm bhut negative rhte h bhut sensitive h all time rote rhte h bhut presan rhti hu mujhse pdai nhi hoti h .yad krti hu yad nhi hota bhul jati hu .concetret nhi kr pati hu .khud se hi presan rhti hu .sath me bhut si bimariya bhi ho gyi.bhut aalsi hu kuchh nhi hota .hmesa motivation ke liye vidio dekhti hu PR do minute rhta h fir vhi life ho jati h.socied ka khyal aata h life bilkul achhi nhi lgti.khus hona chahti hu pdna chahti hu PR kuchh nhi kr path SB try kiya PR bs do minute rhta h fir vhi .mai abhi bhut chhoti hu abhi se mujhe apni life asi lgti h…

Email Response + Guidance

To: Kiran ji and everyone reading thisFrom: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidhyalaya (Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University)


1. First of all you must attend 7 days Rajyoga meditation course either online or at your nearest brahma kumaris center (recommended). All your worries will vanish at this step only as you will know the purpose of your life.

2. Take care of your food and water intake. This is because whatever we eat we become.

   a) Eat pure food (Brahma bhojan and Satvik Food i.e pure vegetarian diet excluding tamsik vegetables)-

And whatever you eat always eat it after offering it to God (bhog lagane k baad bhojan kare)

 – Bhog kese lagaye-

        – Bhog kyu lgaye-

    b) Charge Water everyday during amritvela (between 2 am to 4 am) or in evening (between 6:30 to 7:30) and drink this water. Pick any hour to do this as you feel comfortable with but amritvela is most recommended.

Do this for 21 days. It has shown magical results.


    – Effect of drinking charged water- 

 – Pani kese charge kare-

Search youtube for ‘ charge Water bk’ you’ll get many videos

You will notice magical changes in you after changing your food habits and drinking charged water. Your concentration will improve drastically and your health issues will resolve. (

3. Your condition as you discussed is not unique. Almost everyone go through this phase in life. It is because of the effect of our bad past karmas and karmic accounts that are pulling us towards them.. visit this link to know how to settle karmic debts- (

Karmic accounts can be settled through meditation or yog..

watch these-

a) settle karmic accounts-

b) settle by forgiving-

c) how to settle-

search youtube for more such videos.

4. To change your habits, watch these videos

a) why i am unable to change our habits-

b) u can change any habit-

c) changing habit is easiest-

d) SAMADHAN series self transformation-

5. Daily when you wake up in morning say to yourself (in mind by closing eyes) these five swamans. Don’t say just for sake of saying but feel deep inside. This will change your personality completely. Recall these swamans throughout the day many times.

– मैं आत्मा मास्टर सर्वशक्तिवान हूँ

– मैं पद्मा पदम् भग्यशाली आत्मा हूँ

– मैं इस सृष्टि के रचयिता, भगवान की संतान हूँ

– मैं मास्टर शांति का सागर हूँ

– मैं विजयी रत्न और विघ्न विनाशक आत्मा हूँ।

need to ask more? contact again

in Godly Service


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