Self Transformation (General Guidance)

Our journey of Self transformation goes through rise and fall. Sometimes you may feel demotivated towards your spiritual goal. So here is our uplifting guidance for you and everyone who needs. So SHARE this special article/post.

Original Email Received

I’m working on me, understanding and crossing life situations with spiritual knowledge. I intend to remove my negative Sanskars and use original ones only. I must say I’m much successful in eliminating high intensity reaction I used earlier. There still comes atleast one situation in a day I fail in my mission and register either some hurt inside not saying it out and rarely a mild argument or entangling. This demotivates me sometimes. Help me in removing that rare time situation in day too so I emerge inner beauty completely forever.

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: On behalf of Shiv Baba

Good morning

You intend to remove weaknesses. That you said you have success in removing many weakness. This is a guidance letter for you. Please read with total ATTENTION.

In essence, the way of self transformation is Shiv baba’s Murli. So listen the murli everyday and take notes. Work on that. See what baba explained today – what Purusharth is needed to be done. Even my personal experience says – Murli gives answer to all our questions.

You can also follow below points:

1. It is very easy to give up big weaknesses which are clearly visible. But to remove even those small weaknesses and mistakes – requires a ”divine intellect”. How can one get a divine intellect? – through study of the divine knowledge (murli) and Yog (to remember the father shiv baba). Refer: What is Gyan Murli

2. What we do in early morning (our spiritual stage) stays for a long time. So wake up for Yog in morning – sit and practice on Swamaan also. Here are commentaries ->

3. Do GOOD KARMA everyday. This is a way everyone can and should follow. Do a karma everyday that reflects your original nature (peace, purity, love, bliss). Empower another soul/s or guide them also towards the supreme soul. Help someone with good thoughts (sakash or dhristi), words or action.

What will this do for you?

This will create a sense of greatness within you – this will sit on your intellect now and every time you are going wrong or are in a difficult situation where let’s say you face something – this image of yourself (as a divine soul, a helper, a lover and an enjoyer (bliss)) shall emerge and this feeling will take you out of ANY situation. So it is simply said that YOUR GOOD KARMA will help you in future. Such deep is the law. You do good, you get good.

4. Today telling you this secret – Soul acts out in feelings. Feelings however have no language – feeling are mainly divided in 2 parts:

1. Love (attraction) 2. hate (repulsion).

One can either attract something or repel. However, you are feeling within shall be reflected in action. So the feelings should be ‘pure’ for all souls. Feelings are translated into thoughts -> into words. Our words can empower a needful soul and also can defeat a needful soul. Just as these written words are empowerment for you.

** Conclusion **

Check and Change

We all are in a journey of self transformation in which there is always a need to check our weakness and hence to change – baba says ”look yourself in a mirror”. Not in a physical mirrir, but in the mirror of intellect. Look your chalan (manners). Are you acting out thinking yourself as a soul? If no, then the action is not accurate. Soul consciousness is the key to all treasures.

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