Parents, Career and Love

In present time, many students are falling in the chapters of love. On one hand they have lots of burden of education and hence their parents wish them to study properly and get good marks and live a good life. Due to stress, some children may take help of chatting with friends so as to lighten their mind. But if they engage more time on phone, it is n good for anything. Here is such case where 3 things are together – Study, parents and love. Definitely something is to happen. Here is our guidance for anyone with similar situation.

Original Email Received

I am a 12th CBSE board student and I am from Almora, Uttarakhand. I have recently given my board exams and feel nervous and anxious about results. My parents are caring but I feel irritated as they always keep an eye on me and also love a guy who is also in 12th but from different school. We love each other and want to spend our time together. So it’s always through phone we get connected via calls and chats and my parents always scold me for being addicted to phone. When I am depressed or sad just by talking to him I find peace. He is understanding and loveable. Please guide me what to do in these situations. I always fight with my parents and even don’t study. I am facing concentration problems, anxiety, future worries, nervousness and fear. Please do guide me.

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhylaya (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister/Brother

Good morning

This is the response to your email received on 18 March. Firstly we are responding to your email now because of man other services to do.

It is understood that because of burden of study and parents are strict about this – you are feeling alone sometimes and thus get attached to phone or to talk with someone to find peace. ok.

First –> Parents are the best well-wisher of children. There is no equivalence to the parents. But because of present environment, parent’s job related tensions and children’s burden of study (due to education system) – parents also fail to understand that life is to live – to enjoy every moment – not to live in tension of future -which is unknown and unpredictable. There is a saying ‘Do your best and become a carefree emperor.” You can only do your best when you are in your best stage – complete peace, love and joyful stage. Maybe every virtue together is difficult to achieve, so start one by one. ”I am a peaceful Soul.” then practice – ”I am a pure and stable soul” and so. Here are commentaries -> (save the link)

Tomorrow will come then we will see – why to waste the moment we have NOW. The meaning, however, is not that you should not study – but study with love for study – with curiosity and joy of learning. Enjoy what you do. And then you will do what you enjoy. Understood?

First enjoy the hard work and then naturally enjoy its good result.

Second –> This is not the right age to get in love. However, friendship is ok. Even if someone is sweet from outside, you do not know from inside. We have experience as there come many emails regularly of cheating of their lover, hurt, etc. So best is to concentrate on life. Still – it is good to talk with friends just to feel comfort – about 1 hour per day maximum.

This below 2 articles is for both – You and your Parents. Do read and let them also.

1. Role of Parents during exams:

2. Duty of parents and the child:

For You -> How to enjoy work (career):


Listen the music & guided meditation commentaries during the day when get time ->


Nature’s relaxing sounds -> (listen during study – this will help in concentration and keep mind at peace)

Hope you will consider this and also let your parents understand through the guidance given in 2 articles.

Do reply when you have applied this in practical life.


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