I loved a Girl

Love is very beautiful feeling, but is it always so? What is someone you love with heart is separated? This will instead create sorrow. Hence God teaches the way of detachment with a natural love and that for everyone (all souls). The love between 2 souls is deserved from past birth relationships. This is a guidance for anyone with ANY question about love, relationship and family.

Original Email Received

It was written in the note not to message about love or marriages, but these problems are only problems which are close to heart and sometimes we find no solutions to it.

I loved one girl we were together form the last 3 years as we moved to different college and we are apart now. I never thought this will happen but karma played its game. When I realized my mistakes I involved many of our friends in this problem and slowly person to person it reached to all which created a big mess. Desires and Greed are still over me that’s why I guess I’m still thinking much about myself. At the same time, I miss her !! I miss her every time in every breath, I want to do things normally, I again want to be with her.

I’ve one request with Divine, can divine make her my best part. I don’t want to live all those moments again with any other girl again. I just want to be with her only in life.

There is a various problem in my house also, my family problem I don’t know how to address it for now but shows me the way if blessing can work then bless me.

I’ll do anything to bring her back… show me direction.

Om Shanti

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godfatherly University)

( This is a special letter for you. Do read with ATTENTION.)

Good morning

Dear Divine Brother

This is the response to your email received on 14 March.

The reason why we declared a no to love relationship questions is that in present time, such souls who are body conscious enters in such relationship and they end up realizing that it was the source of sorrow. We wish to encourage every way the way of living God himself have taught to us children. Here you will know.

Purity or celibacy is the true way of living – this purity of soul (in thought, words and actions) is the source of true and eternal Bliss. Think. When were you most happy in this life?

Answer is ”childhood”. Because a soul when in childhood (of body) have no knowledge of any bad. Hence cannot do any bad. Purity even in thoughts was natural. This offered you inner happiness. Now can you live like this again? Yes. With the power the Supreme soul (divine/ God) give us.

The source of those powers is God, our father. How can we get? – Through RajYog. This is taught to us by him. It is so simple that every one can connect. HOW? – Learn in detail here -> Learn Raja Yog meditation

Now again coming to your question.

If you think that something bad happened to you, then wait. Then wait and re-think. What if that soul (girl) never left you. Would you take a time to come here to us and ask for a solution? Would you then connect to God?

As you derive the answer, you know that ”Everything happens for Good, for a good reason.”

We generally because of not knowing the whole picture, will derive short term misfortune and become sad. But there is always a long-term fortune. One can simply have faith in God, a hearty love or can also KNOW this as a fact – that yes – Everything happen for a reason.

Refer: Law of Karma

Finally coming to the way of living one should have. Please MUST also visit below 2 articles.

1. Celibacy – A way of living: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/celibacy

2. Day to Day life timetable: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/forum/question-answers/day-to-day-timetable

Watch Videos – Video Gallery ->


Do follow the guidelines. We hope you shall receive a great benefit – perhaps life transforming.

Need anything ahead? Contact us.


On Godfatherly Service


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