Husband Wife – Healing Relationship

Husband was not taking financial responsibility and wife needs to tolerate his behavior. Which is the best way to handle the situation and save the relationship? Here is our guidance.

Original Email Received

Om shanti,

I m vandana, n i m very confused to take right decision, even i so depressed that wanted to suicide, but i have a small 5 year baby so i m really very upset please help me.

My husband is not taking responsibility financially n everything i m doing , jb bi paise mango to bus ladayi n ulta mujhse paise lete. Bus sab kuch sehti rahu aur jiti rahu ya divorce le lu but i have a baby uska kya hoga. Please please guide me. Thank you.

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Anyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Good morning

Aapka patra mila. This is the response to your email letter received on 8 March 2019.

Jaise aapne kaha ki aap financially independent ho, to aise acchi sthiti me bacche ke saath reh sakte hai. Lekin isse bhi accha hai ki pati ko samjhaya jaye. Parivaar ko ek saath rehna chahiye.

Usually, sisters and mothers have to tolerate because of being financially dependent.

Power to tolerate is needed. But it is understood that each soul is different. This power is not seen in the majority nowadays.!

Hence the only solution remains is to abandon the relationship – that is divorce. Please refer to 8 powers of Soul page

However, this is not the best solution. The better solution is to heal the relationship in a spiritual way. So instead make convince your husband to sit and listen to the awakening series on ”Relationship” which is VERY beneficial for you both. Shortly saying that each and every talk guides the family relationship – How to manage, tolerate, love and transform

Awakening series on ‘Relationship’:

How to have Happy relationships (Hindi):

(video) Healing Relationship:

ADVICE: Do watch the series and videos with your husband together. They will surely like the way of explanation. This is easy and will uplift both of you.

However, the key is with you. Always be maturated, tolerating and accept him. Love begins with acceptance. Healing begins with loving.

All Souls are unique and are lovable in God’s eyes. If explained with love and wisdom, anyone can be brought to the right path. Weakness can be ‘transformed’ into virtues. We all have virtues and today we all are some or other weakness. So what is needed?

Acceptance is needed. Helping each other, being a support and guide with a feeling of true and unconditional love. This is the direction of GOD.

We also welcome you to please come and know About Us -> (introduction)

God has come. If you are following Awakening series, you would know the task of God and our relationship with him. Please please come and know your Spiritual father who is waiting for you.

Series on GOD’s revelations:

*About GOD – Supreme Soul:

Hope you are completely satisfied with this response. The main aim of this was to bring you near to God, your Spiritual father. Come now he says.

Do visit and watch given 2 series and 2 videos. Do email us about your progress in 15 days

* Healing Relationships (article):

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