Spirituality for Children

Our guidance on how one can introduce morality and spirituality in their child’s life in early stage (during childhood). Please read and you will also have to visit the links.

Original Email Received

I’m looking for advice on exposing my 3 year old granddaughter to rajyoga meditation. She’s extremely energetic. In addition to all of the benefits associated with rajyoga, I think it would be beneficial to teach her to deliberately find silence and stillness. Or is she too young? Another concern is I’ve only been studying for 10 months and I’m not qualified to teach others this lifestyle.

Thanks you

Our Email Response

To: Everyone reading this
From: On behalf of Shiv Baba & Brahma Kumaris Godly University

Good morning. This is the response to your email received on 17 March.

Now you have the knowledge that everyone has a soul – and it is a Soul. The soul lives in body to experience life, do karma and enjoys its results.

So seeing the baby as a Soul shinning in the forehead, you the soul can send pure, good wishes and power to help them also to re-connect to their long lost spiritual father (the supreme soul). In this you know that words will not work. The soul with a brain that cannot understand many words.

Second that the experience is of silence, of love, or spiritual joy are soul’s original qualities. We only have forgotten that. And hence God, our father has come to ”re-mind” us. You see mind is where all information is stored. So first need to ”re-fresh” the mind.

~~~ ADVICE ~~~

You need to have and keep a balance in 2 things – Self Purusharth & help (service) to others.

1. To help your grandchild to shape its life, you need to begin now. Now is that time when the soul is learning. Anything you teach it now, will stay for long. So you know what to teach – divine virtues, love, respect, soul consciousness and in general – a spiritual lifestyle.

7 virtues of soul and Day to Day lifestyle

2. Lifestyle also simply means the way of living – every one is living. What we eat, think, speak and do, what and how is our relationship with all around us – this is the ”way of our living”. Isn’t it?

3. Let the child listen (you can also listen) meditation music, relaxing nature videos and so. This will deeply develop the love for peace and mother nature. Meditation can be accurately taught when the child gets to the age around 7.

4. Also visit an article on Child development: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/forum/question-answers/a-small-guide-for-parents-on-child-development

This is our advice and the advice of God given through Murli. Also please read -> What is Murli – as you are new, you must know now.

Need anything? Search on BK Google -> www.bkgoogle.com

Do visit all links given on this email to learn.
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