How to meet Sister Shivani

A lot of Emails are received to meet Sister Shivani. Here is our response.

Original Email Received

I am very troubled.I cant get out of it. Sister Shivani is my last ray of hope. I tried many ways to contact her, but in vain. Please let me know a way to contact her , she is my last resort.

Email Response + Guidance

To: Stuti and anyone reading this From: Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidyalaya (Godly University)

1. You can discuss your problems here. We shall respond you with the best solution.

2. You can also visit your nearest BK RajYoga Center. Take up 7 day RajYog Meditation course. All your questions will be answered and problems will be solved.. The 7 days course is an essence of all godly knowledge.

Also you can discuss your problems with Brahma Kumari sister or Brahma Kumar brother incharge of center. 

Refer: 7 days course online:

3. Sister Shivani will also advise you to go to nearest center (point no. 2) Everyone at Brahma Kumaris is a reservoir of knowledge and Sister Shivani is no different. Whatever she speaks is the Gyan of shivbaba (God). So instead of depending on a Person connect to God itself.

God is the ocean of knowledge and supreme surgeon. He has medicine of every disease whether body or mind. Connect to Him by learning 

RajYoga Meditation.

Sister Shivani has a tight service schedule. Everyone at Brahmakumaris is approachable, so she may meet you but for that to happen you will have to connect to a Brahma Kumaris centre first.

Main Refer: Email answered by Sister Shivani:



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