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We receive a lot of emails regularly asking response from Sister Shivani. Many asks her contact and How to meet her in person. Here is our ‘official’ response and explanation.

Essence: BK Shivani has a busy schedule. But everyone of Brahma kumaris family is approachable. Sister Shivani may meet you at a suitable time and place, but for that to happen you will have to connect to a Brahma Kumaris centre (take the ‘7 days introduction course’). Here are 4 ways to contact via email or visit her in person. Please read this post to know more.

A sample email we received

I am very troubled. I can’t get out of it. Sister Shivani is my last ray of hope. I tried many ways to contact her but in vain. Please let me know a way to contact her. She is my last resort.

Email Response + Guidance

You wish to know how can you contact or meet Sister Shivani, who is a senior Rajyoga teacher and a student of Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Godly University. Here we will guide you where to contact and for what purpose. And how to meet sister if needed after this.

Option 1: Best way to Contact

If you have ANY life challenging problem or a question related to Brahmakumaris, the main place to contact is the official Contact page from where you can contact via our ‘official contact page’:

Brahma Kumaris – Contact via Email (Shiv Baba Service Initiative)

( If you want a reply from sister Shivani, please mention this on the ‘Subject’ or the first line of your message. Please know that she will answer only if your message is credited by us as ‘valid’ according to our guidelines )

We answer emails on both Gyan related questions (about Murli and BKWSU) and Life-related (personal advice on your life challenges). We recommend you to first visit our Forum to reach the questions already answered. Email us ONLY IF you don’t find a solution/answer on our Forum.

Option 2. Through a BK centre

First visit your nearby BK RajYoga Center. Take up 7 day RajYog meditation course from that center. All your questions will be answered and problems will be solved with getting this godly spiritual knowledge (which is also the source of wisdom of BK Shivani which she shares on Awakening series and other platforms). The 7 days course is an essence of all godly knowledge.

After taking this course, if you want, you can ask the sister in charge of that centre to contact BK Shivani on your behalf to arrange a short meeting.

(Please know that her day to day schedule is fixed due to which you can meet her on specific locations only and only if you really need to. Because it is not really needed to meet her in person.)

Option 3: Meet during a Seminar

If you follow Sister Shivani’s events and programs, then you would know that she is regularly invited to many colleges, hospitals, university, and other campuses to speak on spirituality, self management and living values. Also many seminars are directly arranged by a local BK centre where sister Shivani is also invited. You can meet her at such locations in person. Find out the event happening nearby your residence and visit. There, you will need to speak to someone and arrange a short meeting.

Here is page for BK Shivani’s upcoming events ->

( Please know that visiting an event of bk Shivani is only to ‘encourage you’ to find out the source of her wisdom, which is God’s direct given knowledge taught and studied at Brahma Kumaris. Our purpose is to make you strong enough to overcome any problem that you don’t need any other human being in help, as you connect directly to God by learning RajYog )

Personal Note

With all love and respect, we advise you to first learn about Brahma Kumaris and about BK Shivani before you believe in anything. Please know that BK Shivani is one of the many Rajyogi students at this Godly University who is only sharing the knowledge which she learnt from God’s murli. Refer: What is Murli?

Even Sister Shivani will say you to connect to God, the source of all spiritual powers and not to her (a human being). So as we advise you not to insist to meet her for silly reasons because it is not meeting her which can resolve your problems. Only god’s knowledge and his powers can help you at every stage of life. So connect to the Father (Shiv Baba)

Sister Shivani will also advise you to visit the nearby BK RajYog center first. There you will get an introduction of the Self (soul) and the Father (Supreme Soul) in a short 7 days course. This itself will give spiritual support to your soul. So instead of depending on a person/human being, connect to the source – God.

Shiv baba (Parampita ParamAtma) is the ocean of knowledge, peace, love and powers. He has a medicine of every disease whether for body, mind or soul. Connect to Him by learning RajYoga Meditation.

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