Solving Family Problems and tackling oppositions

Since God has given directions of celibacy and purity, non-bk family members oppose and this leads to a lot of obstacles. This is our guided advise on how to overcome such situations.

Original E-Mail Received

Om shanti Meri badi bahen jo married hai .wo pichale 4-5 saal huye is gyaan me hai aur pavitra hai,.Lakin ab ghar wale uske pati ki dusari shaadi kar rahe hai . Par bahen chaahti hai ki aisa na ho Ghar wale anumati patra par sign bhi liya hai. Wo bahen ko hi bura kah rahe hai. So, please aap batao ki sahi kya hai, Kya meri bahen anumat patra par sign hone par bhi pati ki seva kare ya phir karma me na aake apni yog shakti, shubha bhavna dwara use  sakash de.

Email Response+Guidance

To: megha ji and everyone reading this From: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidhaylya

1. It’s a fortune for your sister that she understands importance of purity. Since she is on path of Baba’s shrimat, she need not worry. Drama is kalyankari. Read this for general pursharth tips to overcome this situation-

2. Your sister must make her in-laws and husband attend 7 days Rajyoga Meditation course. Never know when their buddhi (intellect) may change.. Even a second of awakening can fix everything. Know more about here ->

7 days course

3. Your sister should practice Swaman “Main Bandhan Mukt Atma Hun” and need to feel detached of her bodily relations . This must be done continuously for ensuring an escape to negative and wasteful thoughts. And make sure none of her relative statement ever affect her. This would certainly relieve her of inner anxiety.  Swamaan commentaries: 

Simultaneously, You and she should give pure vibrations in meditation and talk to her husband by immerging him in Amritvela for 1 hour regularly.

4. In the Whole process tell her to surrender that soul (husband) to Baba completely and become light.

5. Also, feed in-laws and husband pure food I.e as per Shrimat, vegetarian, no onion no garlic food. And after offering it to baba, I.e bhog lagake.

Refer: The Yogi Diet

6. Magical benefits of charged water is also observed.. Charge water in amritvela and give it to husband by using yukti. (Like mix in tea or something like that)

7. Tell your sister to not miss murli, amritvela, numasham yog even a single day.. Time is less more is to be done. Also, do atleast 8 times a day Traffic control and swadarshan chakra (discus of self realisation)

8. And tell her not to entangle herself in waste thoughts, actions and speech. Do pursharth of maintaining antarmukhi stage. This will increase her divine powers and all her problems will vanish just like hair strand comes out of butter. Refer:

7 virtues of Soul:

~~ Conclusion ~~

In short, your sister should take a step forward towards advance pursharth. Enough of basic pursharth. Read one avyakt muli daily and maintain a diary to do vichar sagar manthan.. And do jwalamukhi yog bhatti for 21 day and try to reach that level of satisfaction in yog where the stage of एक बाबा दूसरा न कोई is achieved.. 

The more her stage will improve internally everything outside will solve because Karmic Accounts settle quickly.. अब चढ़ती कला न हो पर उड़ती कला हो।

Source of given links: BK Google ->

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