Overcoming Anxiety and OCD

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder or OCD is a type of anxiety disorder. People with OCD are often plagued by recurring and distressing thoughts, fears or images they cannot control. The anxiety produced by these thoughts leads to an urgent need to perform certain rituals or compulsions .This is a test – how we deal and overcome. 

Original Email Received

Please answer my question as I am suffering a lot. I m a 30 years old unmarried girl . I am suffering from OCD ( cleanliness) and anxiety for the last 10 years . I was among the toppers of my school and college . Always a bright student but not able to do any job because of my mental illness.I suffer from OCD of doubt and cleanliness   I am not able to control my mind ….I have tried chanting , meditation , chanting sunderkand but there is no improvement in my condition. I am feeling very hopeless. I try to convince my mind that this is not my present situation , .but it does not get convinced.. please help me to get rid of this problem ….As I am not able to concentrate on anything else

Lakshita Kumar

Email Response + Guidance

To: Lakshita ji and Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Vishwavidhalaya


You Must attend 7 days rajyoga meditation course either online or at nearest center (recommended).

An extreme overthinking turns into an OCD. OCD is linked to actions, so if you act upon what you think in a repeated manner then its OCD. 

We understand your obsession with cleanliness, but you must always remember that you are the MASTER OF YOUR OWN THOUGHTS. You are the CREATOR of your thoughts.

OCD is first “THINKING” and second “ACTING”. 

1. So now you know, where you’ve to work. First target your thoughts.. Take charge of yourself. Consider youself as powerful soul. When you turn your focus from body (body consciousness) to soul (soul consciousness), half the battle is won. when you will attend rajyoga meditation course you will know how to shift your consciousness.

visit this link- https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/forum/question-answers/how-to-control-thoughts-in-mind-a-guide

2. Overcome Overthinking- https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/forum/question-answers/overthinking-emotional-hurt

3. one of the most important factor that will help you treat OCD is creation of pure and elevated thoughts. Purity is the main pillar of perfect life.

You can start by practicing and feeling deep inside these Swamans Like ” Mai atma param pavitra hoon”, “mai atma pavitra farishta hoon”, “mai atma sarva shaktiman hoon”..

  -learn about swamans (bk sooraj)- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6DXFp06m6E

  – watch SAMADHAN series on Youtube to know more about Swaman..

watch these videos:

 b) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAwgmI96ijY

 c) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBNygiJ-5iM

4. Have faith in God (incorporeal GOD SHIVA, sweetly called as shivbaba) and yourself.. Remember ‘your current destination is not your final destination’.

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