Husband and Wife?

Sometimes adverse situations arise in relationships due to misunderstandings and egos from both sides. Yet there is definitely a way to sort out. This is our advice to solve.

Original Email Received

Om Shanti!! Pls tell me self respect is more important or relationship? I am newly married got 3 months…and from 2 months we both are not living together and my husband is not speaking with me just because of some silly mistakes.. and he has also done many mistakes but just because of his ego problem he is not accepting it. I still tried talking him with chat and calls number of times but he is not responding. Pls suggest me now what to do please

Email Response and Guidance

To: Pooja Pinjani and everyone reading this From: Prajapita Brahma kumaris Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalaya


1. First of all you must attend 7 days Rajyoga meditation course either online or at your nearest brahma kumaris center (recommended). All your worries will vanish at this step only. If you’ve already taken the course then plz don’t skip the murli class.

2. As you said, “self respect is more important or relationship?” So you must first understand the ‘TRUE’ meaning of Self Respect.. The idea and definition of self respect in today’s world is distorted and linked to various vague ideas which are false. Self-respect is the highest spiritual state. God himself has revealed about this. Watch these videos to know.

a) Self-respect is more important- Meaning of self respect-

b)  दूसरों का व्यवहार आपके self respect को कम न करे-

c) स्वमान (self respect by suraj bhai)-

d) How to increase your self respect-

3. Next is your relationship with your husband. As you told you both aren’t on talking terms, so sorting the matter out verbally seems to be difficult. If it’s possible then plz handle the matter calmly without counting number of his or your mistakes. Accept him as he is.. if there is any physical abuse then plz involve ur family or take help of law to solve the matter. And at thought level send him good wishes and pure vibrations only. Stop discussing negative things about him as this will eventually stop the flow of negative energy from your side to his.

These videos will help.

a) When relationship breaks (Bk Suraj bhai)- 

b) Thoughts create a relationship-

c) Cure your relationships-

d) Steps for a strong relationship-

e) healing relationship-

4. It is recommended for you to send him healing vibrations daily. Start with half or one hour daily. This is called SAKASH.. choose an appropriate hour of day..  Either Amritvela (between 2 am to 5 am). choose any hour.. 3:30 am to 4 am is recommended or any otheras u like .  Or you can also do it in evening- between 6:30 to 7:30.. You must do both in amritvela and evening for fast results. Do for 21 days. (

●Create thought- mai aatma master sarva shaktivan hoon, mai aatma param pavitra hoon, mai aatma master shanti ka sagar hoon.. and send pure vibrations to our husband.

Watch these videos to learn how to give SAKASH for healing your relationship-

a) healing relationship (visualize your husband)- 

b) shanti ka daan (visualize your husband to send him vibrations)-

c) sakash commentary (visualize your husband andsend him good wishes as guided in this or do as is directed in video)-

Watch SAMADHAN SERIES on youtube to learn more about SAKASH and healing your relationships.

Follow these steps . Contact again if need to ask more

In Godly service



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