Overcome Exam Fear

In present time, there is lot of burden of education in schools and colleges in India. A student writes to us to seek advice upon this. How to give exams without fear? How to get success in exams? Here is our response and guidance to Overcome exam fear.

Original Email Received in Feb 2019

I am preparing for govt sector. Therefore giving several exams. But the result is not in favour. Everytime the result announced my parents says like- ‘what kind of study u doing,not clearing any exam’ ,’others child how they do’ etc etc.. After hearing these comments I get demoralized. And now I suspect myself to be a fail… What to do?

Our Email Response

TO: Ankit & Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

Topic: Exam, success, overcome fear

Dear Divine Brother/Sister

It is explained also in Shrimat Geeta that – ”Human being should only focus on karma (work) and leave everything else upon fortune and God.”

What it means for you is – ”Do your best. Put 100% effort in writing the exam. Study and rest do not worry about results. This result does not represent your ability to understand. It only represent your ability to ‘remember.”

Learn in an intellectual manner – revise everything once and then focus on individual chapters. The best way to learn is to ‘see’ it. Visual explanation is useful. Moreover, it depends on the memory power of brain.


How can you Develop memory power?


Learn meditation. On our website, you can not only ”learn” Raja Yog meditation, but also we have music and guided commentaries to support to learning. Plus listen below given ‘Nature Relaxing Sounds’ while you study.

1. What is Raja YOg meditation?


2. RajYoga music + Commentaries (to Learn)

(Wake up early morning and listen these guided commentaries.)


3. Nature Relaxing Sounds (while studying)


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How to focus and enjoy study?:


4. You must know that our thoughts give very powerful message to the universe and whatever we think returns back to us. Hence we need to programme our subconscious mind so that it can act according to what we desire. Before sleeping in night give powerful inputs to your subconscious mind that, “Success is definite for me today and everyday. Whatever I learn I remember very well. everything is unfolding for me in perfect divine timing”. Visualize that you have already passed the exam with conviction and feel the feeling exactly how would you feel after passing the exam. Practice the same after you wake up in the morning. Self talk improves self confidence and will power & success is a must

Hope you will follow the given guidance and walk the path to divinity in Life. Also then visit 7 virtues of Soul

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