Not Getting a Job?

Advice given to overcome worries due to being jobless. Here is our complete guidance for those who face problem and thus go into depression due to not getting a job and family’s financial problem. Here is step by step advice for the spiritual healing.

Original Email Received in Feb 2019

Om Shanti!

I am Rashmi Reddy, completed my M. Tech from one of the top institute in Bangalore with good grades. I and My mother are in brahmakumaris since from last ten years.

My problem is I am looking for a job In one of the specific company called “Qualcomm”. I am trying from last one year, and I had been interviewed there 2 times, and both the times I cleared all the rounds but still I didn’t get select. Now I am in very need of job.

My father also lost his job and now the condition has become so critical that everyone at home is very tensed.

Please suggest me how to overcome this situation and what are the swamaan and sankalps to be taken to overcome this problem.

It will be a great help if you can help me

Thank You.

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Reshma & Everyone reading this

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Brother/Sister,

Your email is received and read. Here is our suggested solution to your problem.

Yes, indeed job loss and unemployment is a very distressing situation to be in, especially in an expensive city like Bangalore. Yet don’t fear, have deep faith in Baba. He will always help you in one or the other form. Another point which I would like to remind you is Drama. Haven’t you heard baba say, drama is always beneficial? You may now be financially down, but you have baba. How rich is that? Keep reminding this yourself, not just in words but with a sense of trust.

Coming to your situation, would it not be better to have your options open to other companies and start-ups? Do not be too rigid with your choices. If the financial situation is tight, it is ok to take up some job temporarily for the sake of income and for the mind to be occupied. All are life experiences. It will come handy sometime in the future. In the meantime. there are many job portals, agencies and social media like LinkedIn. Make best use of it and keep trying with a positive attitude.

Listen to these short talks by BK Suraj Bhai and follow the steps he advices. There are thousands of people who have achieved success through this.

Guidance For Joblessness ->

Facing an interview ->

(Video) Samadhan series talk on success ->

Remember that your thoughts are the creator of your future. So create such thoughts only with full confidence the kind of future your want. When it is powerful enough, it will becomes a reality. So be alert about your thought process. Let no negative thoughts mess with your mind.

Now coming to the Brahmin life. Will it not be good to come back and follow all the dharnas which baba has asked his children to do? It does not matter if you are staying in hostel or home. All you need is to make the mental connection.

~~ What you need to do (Step by step)~~

1. Wake up at amritvela and as soon as you open your eyes,

2. Become soul conscious, see baba and wish him good morning.

3. While you get fresh, create positive thoughts such as I am the most fortunate person in the world, I have baba with me. I will be successful no matter what and so on, as you heard Suraj bhai say.

4. When you sit for amritvela meditation, practice this swaman

5. Then practice Rajyog meditation:


If possible visit a center to listen to murli or you can read it yourself on Never miss murli, it is a source of indestructible income.

All these steps will strengthen you from within to face any kind of situation. Remember one thing, problems are going to come, it is how you face it will make it actually look like a problem or play. So you decide, you want to play or become a victim?

For any Gyan related resources visit:


To get anything else, just Search on BK Google:


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