Guidance: Free from Anger

Doctor wants to heal others but needs support to heal the self – to become free from anger. So they writes email to us and here is our response.

Original Email Received in Feb 2019


I m a MBBS doctor. Further I will b pursuing Postgraduation

Ranks hv come, I want to do psychiatry. I might get too at my rank. Bt m in doubt, m kr paungi ya ni. Hamare jo teachers h who teach us during preparation, they told agr aap emotionally kud unstable ho toh psychiatry na lo.. Kyuki hr waqt negativity hogi aas paas, meko lgta h wo sahi bol rahe hai. Lekin i want psychiatry, m sochtu thi ki m rajyog karo n kud act as a source fr many mentally challenged people bt ab doubt aa ra kyuki m kud strong ni, meko toh kud itna gussa aata hai.

Plz help. I really want to take this branch but first I have to be at peace n stable which I think i am not at present.

Our Response + Guidance

To: Dimple Gutpa

From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister,

Your email is received and here comes our response.

You have a very good intention in your mind which is to help people who are suffering mentally and with a lot of problems. This is very noble of you and the world is truly in need of such service now and in future. But it must be done in the right way. Your teachers are right about you being very strong and stable to able to help others. That is the sign of a good doctor.

Now coming to you personally, at present times all humans are filled by 5 vices : lust, anger, attachment, greed, ego. You are no exception, but that does not mean you need to stay like this rest of your life. No. This is not your true nature. Your true nature is love, peace, power, joy. When you are in your natural state you experience true bliss and in a state where you can give your best to other people. This stage is called being soul-conscious.

You want to help others to heal? Then heal yourself first. Remember, it is a long journey, such a change will not happen overnight. You need to be patient with yourself, just like how a good healer is patient with his patients. As you being this journey of self-transformation, by practicing meditation (Connection to God) , you will realize that gradually, all the anger and negativity in you in melting away and you are turning into a sweet loveful being. God’s love and power will do this magic, just connect with him.

~~ What you need to do ~~

Practice Swamaan with these guided commentaries -> (early morning is best time)

Learn Rajyog meditation and wake up early morning daily to practice in small steps. Be regular.


To take the 7 days course online ->

You can visit the nearest Rajyog center, where the teachers will tell you all about this and help you to transform

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Peace & Anger by BK Suraj Bhai ->

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Hope this helped you.

Need anything else? Search on BK Google ->



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