Want to End my Life – Our Guidance

Your Life is a Gift to you. LIVE it, don’t leave it.

Challenges comes in everyone’s life. However big or small it look, it has come to teach us an important lesson. Learning is a process of life which should never stop. Struggle teaches such that it can make you like diamond. The more the diamond is cut and rubbed, the more it shines.

Here is our guidance after someone wrote that they wish to end their life after an unsuccessful personal relationship and being jobless.

Original Email Received

Sister really I cant bear all this things now. I guess if I end my life.. May be I will at new place and new birth.

My parents and my relatives always talk me with very bad language. Because I don’t have job and I’m engineer…. So they think I don’t have that much potential… Bt I know I am trying my best. I want to stop this life. I am so much mentally frustrated.. I don’t want to live.

Our Email Response + Guidance

Dear Divine Sister

Good morning

We shall soon send you the detail guidance in separate email. But here is essence.

If you are powerful enough to create a situation 2 times in which you restricted your life by love with those who don’t love you. Then you are also powerful enough to break all limited bondage.

First thing you have to remember that You are an Engineer. If you would not have that capacity you would not have even qualified such a degree. Do not get disappointed by other’s reactions. You are educated and intelligent. Due to our past karmic account some souls have come to us to give us such negative reactions. Take their sayings as blessings that make you more stronger and best thing will come to you in the perfect divine timing. Remain calm. Just focus on what you want to achieve from your life. Every day is a new beginning of life. When the negative feeling come to your mind Affirm yourself by saying,”I am a powerful soul. I can achieve whatever I want,”. This is the mantra. repeat as many times as you can in a day till you emerge that powerful feeling within you. Self Affirmation is blessing to yourself that gives a powerful vibration to you as well as your surroundings.

When the soul is free, that is real happiness. That is bliss. Free from burden and still living the life. You have to know that you CANNOT end your life. If you kill your body, you have to take birth again. So what is the point? Life has to offer many beautiful things.

Instead you should LEARN in what life offers. If life offered you love and sorrow. In both feelings, there was something to LEARN.

We are here to learn, isn’t it? So enjoy. After all, everything happens for good. And tomorrow will be better. Will you realise this now, or lately?

As already revealed – This is NOT the way to end problems. The only way is to face the challenges and become brave. Take this as an opportunity.

By taking next birth, you CANNOT become happier then now. Because it is possible that if you leave this body, you take a birth around more problems. Also, everyone has some or other challenges in life, but they FACE it and LEARN what is there to learn..

Trust on the Self and on GOD. If you take 1 step of courage, then God is ready to take another 100 steps ahead.

Challenges or difficulties comes in everyone’s life..

There are 2 kinds of people

1. Who give up and does not even try to make their life better

2. They see a positivity aspect in every life challenges and try their best. They live happy wherever they live. They can become great, a little more than everyone else.

You have to decide ”who you are”

This all is a PART OF LIFE. God is always with us. Why fear?

Fear only of doing wrong actions under influence of 5 vices. Otherwise there is nothing wrong can happen. ”EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON”

Do not see others. There are all kinds of souls in world. Some are even not getting food enough to live. Still they learn from this struggle. Even from there, they emerge to be successful. Just imagine how much effort they would do to come out from there. Compare to your life and see. 

You have a nice life. God is always with all children. Know that we our self shapes our life. We take decisions from which we CREATE our future.

You can get inspiration with below videos (Opportunity to Success) ->

Watch the videos -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCe5IYBDId4&list=PLYl_AYGW3EI7vyaAnmnGKR8q-Du9RUf5Z&index=10

Question-Answers -> https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/forum/question-answers

How to overcome Suicidal thoughts?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRvs4bjIF4A

Along with this do visit a nearby Brahmakumari Centre and take a 7 day Rajyog meditation course for free. This will help you a lot in overcoming such a situation.

Clouds will over come, Live the life.



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