How to Help Someone?

If someone you love is suffering from a bad time or an addiction, here is a GOOD WAY to help them – both spiritually and emotionally. Here, in this case, the writer helped a friend who was in addiction and didn’t return the money he had burrowed. So we have explained here the BEST way to judge properly helping someone without getting cheated.

Original Email Received in March 2019

OM SHANTI. I do follow lot of preachings by sister shivani and the amazing part is it all worked for me. However,now I am very much confused whatever is going on in my life.

According to sister Shivani preachings, your thoughts should be pure…it’s not what you say,matter is what you think and how you think. You have to transform your vibrations.

So,This story is about 2 years ago, I had a friend group with whom I had huge fight,bad memories. Now that person is again coming back in my life but with the same intention. After like 2 yrs, now I have moved on in my life, I explained that person everything but he is still holding that old energies. I don’t know what to do ? He is suffering from addiction.

Another story is :
One of my friend is in drug addiction and so I tried helping that person. After 7 months that guy again came back called me and said, I am in a big problem, “ the story he told me, was He is getting deported back to India and he needs some money. I am still in a struggling period, So I said as long as you return it, I will help you. He said his best friend will return it and so I gave him. No one ever returned me the money. I thought that’s ok…may be he needed so that’s why…I left that…
Want to know,why it’s happening,
Please help me out….I want to be on right track want to further grow.

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Aayushi & Everyone reading this
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godfatherly University)
Topic: How to help someone

This is the response to your email letter received on 4 March 2019.

It can be understood that since you sent ‘love’ vibrations with an intention to change their sanskar – instead of being changed, they are attracted to you. You see love creates attraction. There are only 2 forces in life that puts you into action (karma), they are – love or fear.
Either you can love, or fear.

God teaches us to become aloof (detached) while doing our responsibilities. It is also not favourable to connect your intellect with someone who is in connection with 5 vices. Connect your intellect with God (the Supreme soul), who is full of peace, purity, powers and love.

In this case, with a good intention, you helped someone. That is not bad. But better was to first inquire if they really need money for the spoken purpose, or they are going to use for a bad purpose. Money was yours. If they use it for a wrong purpose, you are participating in that karma indirectly. Money is earned by hard work.

It is right to help those in need, but first must check if they are REALLY in need and in How much need and When can they return the money. God says – ”Become Righteous”.

Righteous means – one who does the ”right” karma – not good, not bad. Only what is best. How can we know which is the best karma? It is simple ->

The karma which keeps your mind stable and in order within and which gives peace, stability and happiness to others around – is the righteous karma” Refer to Law of Karma – Way of Living

In your case, your karma gave ‘happiness’ to that soul. But did it gave you inner peace, stability or to them? No. Why?? Because you didn’t know if the money will be returned or for what purpose will it be used…

Coming to the question if how can you help overcome the wrong habits (smoking, etc) – this is in their hands. Everyone knows that this is very bad for our body. Then also they continue.! So there must be an ”awakening” in them to realise and then only can they transform. The good way is this ->

As he comes in contact – forward him the Awakening series on ”addiction” and say this is helpful to you. This series is enough for anyone to come in the right path. You don’t need to worry.

Series on Addiction ->

~~~ FOR YOU ~~~

Already you are in the path of Self-transformation and connected with Awakening. Do you wish to know the story of HOW the Awakening series was started? Listen this ->

Here is a Day to Day timetable best to follow for self transformation ->

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