Why to do Good Karma?

Every Action has equal & opposite reaction

Why to do Good Karma if in case the World Drama (life) is predestined? Here is the clarification on Shiv Baba’s Murli. Topic: Soul and World Drama Cycle.

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Om shanti. It is mentioned in murli that the drama is predestined and that every second is identical to the previous cycle. Then what is the significance of doing good karma if the future is already decided upon? Also who has decided the predestined drama?

Our Email Response/Answer

To: Tanvi & Everyone reading this

From: On behalf of Shiv Baba (The spiritual Godfather)

As explained in that Shrimat Audio response, the future is NOT predestined. The part is predestined. Think with your intellect (buddhi). How can God, who is so great to make this world this beautiful can create a Drama in which souls have no option? !

Definitely, there is an option whenever you do a Karma. Firstly – option to whether to DO or to NOT TO DO that karma. God has gifted us with intellect (buddhi) to decide what is right and wrong. So the future will depend on the present karma.

If you have already done a karma, the consequence is now destined. You must and will definitely get the fruit of THAT karma which is already done. This is a law. Every soul gets the fruit of its own past karma. It is not that the future is predestined. I hope the answer is now very clear.

It is simple. Just open the gates of mind and it is as simple to understand life.

* The Role of GOD *

The role of God is to awaken the souls from ignorance and save them from sorrow, from the old world. For this, he is called – ‘Liberator’. God is a helper of all souls, to decide and take ”better” decisions and thereby enjoy better consequences (fruit of karma). This is beautiful.

Many believe that God interferes in everything. In your life, in your family, in world. But no. God is aloof. He does not participate in the corporeal world at all. He is ‘incorporeal’. His role is subtle, hidden from your eyes. That is why we have this feeling of connection with God and we remember and pray him when in need. God is there in need and disappear in completeness.

This is a great secret just revealed to you. Because you were searching. Those who search, will get.

Also see this small PDF that answers questions on Soul, God and World Drama:



Questions on World Drama


Q1: If the whole world except India will be drowned in the coming years, is it that only people of India will survive?


No. India also will be transformed. Except Bharat continent (not India), all other continents will be submerged under the ocean . Bharat will face earthquakes and tsunamis and internal wars on other side. This way everyone will leave the body. When this happens, Bharat will be then cleaned (physically) by the heavy Rains. It is remembered in ancient scriptures. (When vinash happened, Shri Krishna appeared on a leaf floating on ocean.’ The shape of Bharat continent is of a peapal leaf.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WGKCRSixT8

Q2: when one says awaken the God within yourself, is it wrong because you said God is not omnipresent and calling him so is an insult to him?


In last email, it is explained- God is the father of all souls. Creator of heaven. We all are devotees (bhagat). If one says – God is everywhere – then whom do they call and remember. If he was omnipresent, there would be no sorrow. They call him – Ocean of love . Listen from Shiv baba’s murli directly in this 1965 record:

https://soundcloud.com/brahmakumaris-bk/bapdada-sakar-murli-class-1965-with-english-translation (original recording)

Q3: As soul is imperishable, is it possible to become liberated from the cycle of life and permanently stay in paramdhan as said by many yogis??


Soul is imperishable. And that is the reason why sou cannot and never by merged in the supreme soul. Yogis of Bharat thinks that our souls will be merged in Nirwan and we shall not take rebirth. Then soul becomes perishable. Then drama would not make sense. Drama is created on basis of our Karma . As one’s karma in this life, he will take the rebirth. No one can live without doing anything, even for a second.

Refer: Who am I? – Self realisation

Souls are eternal actors in this Eternal World Drama. Hence we all must exist forever. Even when we are in Paramdham (while waiting for our part to start), we exist as points of light.

Tanvi ji, do follow all above points of Gyan and links . Watch video and audio murli. Here are useful links .

Save below links if you wish

What is Murli: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/what-is-murli

*Revelations of Murli: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/revelations


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