Not loved by Parents?

Parents are also a teacher who teach the child the way of living. In today’s time some parents do not or could not give enough time in upbringing of their children due to variety reasons. Here was such case where a girl child born in a wealthy and educated family feels if she is not loved or cared enough by her parents. Here is our guidance for upliftment.

Original Email Received

Hello ma’am, this is padmasna. I m highly inspired by your thoughts .I always look for your videos whenever I am trapped in any situation .To start with, I m a 24 yr old girl and I am so much trapped in my thoughts and I cannot find a conclusion. I have been staying in Delhi (India) since last 9 years but I come from Bihar… my parents stay in Bihar only. My parents were never there in a needful time. Neither physically nor emotionally… like not even 4 words of generosity on phone. Not understanding is one thing but they don’t even try to understand the problems I face… infact it feels like they r not interested. They just want to give money nd escape all other responsibilities of being a parent.

Sometimes I also feel pichle janam ke karm honge… I will be really grateful to u if u guide my thoughts and give it the right direction.

Our Email Response + Guidance

To: Asker & Everyone reading this
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Good morning

Aapka patra mila. This is the response to your email letter received on 8 March 2019.

Described your story but you didn’t clarify the reason of having any problem. Yes it can be understood that every child should and must receive love and acceptance from their parents. You have written your thoughts and now you are in safe hands.

Dear Divine Sister

You concluded by saying that you feel ”Yeh ichle janam ke karam honge..” Yeh satya bhi hai.

Har atma me yeh andruni shakti hai – jise ”6th sense” ya sadharan shabdo me ”atma ki aawaz” kaha jata hai. Aap apne prasno ka javaab pehle se hi jaante ho. Yeh dekho ParamAtma ki wonderul gift hai. Kisi ko bhi puchne ki zarurat nahi.

Lekin aaj aapko Sandesh jaroor denge ki aap apne Jeevan ka faisla kar sake. Kaha jana hai…

Dekho jo beet gaya so beet gaya. Aaj behtar hai aur Purusharth karke aane wale kal ko aur bhi behtar banana hai. Jo bhi hua, acche ke liye hi hua. Jo bhi hota hai, vo humare pichle karma ka ‘result’ hi hai. Yeh universal law hai. Reference: Karma – Law & living

Jab aapko apne loukik mata-pita dwara pyaar na mila, tabhi to aap sabhi atmao ke pita (Parampita ParamAtma) ke connection me aayi na. Aise hi samjho ki jo bhi hua, accha hi hua. Abhi aapko yeh Paramatam Sandesh diya ja raha hai ki ”Vo aa chuka hai, jisko sabhi manusya khoj rahe hai, prarthna karte hai..”

Vo hai humara Baap (father) – unka yeh part hai – vo aate hai vishwa me Satyug ki sthapna karne – sukh ki duniya banate hai. Phir usme koun ayenge? Vo ayenge jisne Baap ko pehchana – Those souls will come in the new world who recognised the father when he came at the end of Kaliyug. MahaBharat Geeta me bhi likha hai – ”Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya…” Jab duniya me adharma ki pradhanta aur dharma ki glani hoti hai, tab aata hu…

Sab kuch yaha nahi likh sakte. Yeh website par sab jaankari hai –

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Waiting for your response.
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