How to Tolerate a Family Member?

How to tolerate a family member? How to bring and keep good vibrations around me? How to adjust in family life? Here is a email response from BK Shivani.

Original Question

Hi sister,
My name is Varinder..i need help..what should i do so I can stay with my in-laws without stress. I live in canada. My husbands parents are here , i dont really want to see them especially father in law. I cant get along. I tried my best. They are near 60 years old..never clean house watch tv all day long, loud, I feel negative energy around they came 2 weeks ago. I was active , got up early do meditation , loved my kids, danced was happy and full of energy, had feeling too close to God. Father in law is heavy drinker..I sometime feel like moving out with my kids .If i tell My husband about my concerns then he gets upset and says its our culture to stay with parents and to serve them. I have done a lot for them in past but mu father in law never cared about us. God helped us always. Me and my husband worked hard and bought house and have good jobs. What should i do?? I feel like i am waisting my life I feel negative vibrations all around. I dont get up early any more. I eat food fast feel like emotional eater. Gaining weight.Keep my self in room dont spend time with kids…Please guide me through.

Our Response

TO: Varinder & you reading this
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister,
There seems to be no real problem in your life. Good husband and kids, own house, job. Sometimes problems are created in our own minds and we allow them to grow so big that it reaches a point where we do not know how to come out of it. You are getting irritated by your in-law’s way of living. If there is a way of live separately then fine, otherwise you should accept your situation and mould yourself. Tell them gently and with respect if something goes wrong but you cannot really change one’s habits by getting angry and sending bad vibrations. It will affect your kids as well.

Your mind is the only thing you can control. So, first step would be to accept the situation, be happy and slowly you can win their hearts. Then things will start to happen as you wish. With a good intention, you make food for them in which you fill peaceful vibrations. HOW? Learn meditation (rajyog) and practice. Also listen these Divine songs while cooking food ->

Simple life is always a happy life. Be simple and down-to-earth. You can say sorry even when not faulty. This will surely bring peace around. But with that have Self respect. You are a divine soul. Full of peace, purity and love of god. These are our original virtues. See 8 powers of Soul

* Listen to this talk by BK Shivani on this ->

If you wish to put more effort to make things right, then start getting up early in the morning and practice Swaman (Self-affirmation)

Swamaan Abhyas with guided commentaries ->

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If possible visit nearest Brahma Kumaris center, you will be very sweetly welcomed and you will surely experience peace.

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