Complaint Againt Centre Construction in India

Brahma Kumaris making centre construction which disturbs the surrounding. Our Response to this asked question via Email.

Original email

Dear ma’am,
We are facing a lot of issues with the construction work going on in Chandigarh for your new center in sector 43. Pls see below. Kindly see NO corrective action has been taken despite visit and promises by your Chandigarh team (Ms. Kavita):
1. The labour is still burning wood. The photos show so much smoke. We are perpetually coughing morning and evening because of this fire and smoke. Our senior citizens and children will get sick thanks to your apathy!!
2. See the wall- the full 33 foot common wall has been built above the limit of 6 feet. Kindly get the illegal portion (right side) of wall/store demolished as discussed.
This total apathy and lack of understanding towards your future neighbors and co-residents was not at all expected from a responsible organization like yours.


Our Response

From: Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

To: Kavit Sharma ji

Your letter is received and read. We apologize you for every inconvenience caused, which was unexpected.

It is nice to see that there are still many wise and thoughtful people like you in Bharat (present India) who cares and still does not make a decision with a little experience. The meaning is – It is good that you have reported this. And it is even better that you understand that Prajapita Brahma Kumaris is a very reputed spiritual organisation cum Godly university, where we serve the knowledge of Raja Yog (soul, supreme soul, world drama, law of karma..) for a divine purpose, which has caused life transformation in many, who then started spreading the message of God.

In doing so, we need to build a small centre, or atleast a 2 rooms house, where neighbors can gather and take the free 7 days course. That’s all i expected. BUT we also realise that some sisters and brothers who ”seem” to disturb the services on the name of Brahma Kumaris. Please forgive them. This happens because everyone is free to build a centre in the name of Prajapita Brahma Kumari if they wish to do service intheir area. We can only advice them.

We also wish to let you and your family know that – God has come. You can take the 7 days free course either online or at a centre, where you will be explained the entire knowledge of murli.

Who am i ?

The question which is most important, to the search of God and our eternal relationship with him. Second – about World Drama of 5000 years and how it is played and when does God has to come into this corporeal world… many points.

However you think, but surely you would wish to know – How an organisation (BKWSU) is functioning in around 140 countries and it has 9000 centres.!

This happened in just 43 years without any internal conflict. RajYog is the way of self realisation and a direct connection with God, our father (of all souls). Shiv baba’s direct words spoken through mouth medium of Brahma (prajapita – first human being) is called Murli.

Kavit, you are understanding and have been given a good mind to think and decide. ask yourself – is this present world with 7 Billion human beings and intolerance among each other. How long will such world go? What will happen? Who decides?

Do follow or save the given links to find the answers. Read only when you are free. It requires peace around you.

—- Useful Links —-

7 days RajYog course online:
What is Murli?:
Revelations by God:
We wait for your response.

In God Fatherly World Service

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