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Email is responded by us. About: How to spiritually guide your younger brother/sister for betterment in life? Moral motivation. Brother wanted to buy an illegal phone.

Original Question

Pranam Sister,
I am an indian girl and I have a younger brother of around seventeen. He wants to buy a phone from his friend of 40,000 in 10,000, who has got the phone via some illegal method. I have tried to make him understand but he is not getting my point. Please help me and tell me how to make him understand that this is not good. I would be waiting for your reply.
Thanking You
Yours Sincerely

Our Guidance

To: Ayushi

Your letter is received and read. Here is our guidance

In this age of body, there is uncontrolled power, both mental and physical. And this time is very important in life. This is a deciding age, when we realise MANY new things about life. We then decide a way to go. Where to lead our life. Understand this.

Hence it is parents utmost duty to guide their children very well when they are in such an age. Being elder sister, you also can explain. If explanation of what is right and what is wrong to do doesn’t work, then you can count on this. See – experience is a great teacher.

If he makes a mistake, and then faces its result, then at that time he must realise that this was wrong.

Of course buying a stolen phone is NOT wrong because you have not stolen. But if you buy a stolen thing, then you have betrayed your own self.

What will you do with this expensive phone? Which may be earned by someone with great difficulty?

A human being must learn to work hard to earn what he eats. This will give you the greatest satisfaction. Learn this in this age. Because after time passes, it will be difficult.

In free time, do learn the 7 virtues of Soul (our original qualities):

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(NOTE: Show or read above guidance to your young brother)
You also should learn our original qualities in above page.

In God Fatherly World Service

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