Spiritual Help to Souls after Pulwama

Need of spiritual help about Pulwama attack and the atmosphere it created. We received some emails asking the help we as a Spiritual NGO can provide both financially and spiritually to those souls in need. Can be seen that it is a matter of two country and its innocent residents. Nothing should create hatred in your mind for those innocent brothers who live in Pakistan. Here is our view on Pulwama attack by some terrorists and how we as an individual can help to maintain peace in world – giving spiritual light (Sakash) to heal and calm souls.

Original Question

I wanted to raise a very serious question and its an hour of need in which our country is grapling with a major communal issues. Today what’s happening with our Kashmiri brothers and sisters in our country don’t you feel that being a spiritual lead you should inititate and help them giving shelters and protection. With your branches all over India why can’t you support and help them? What today are you teaching is the God’s lessons and its implementation but does this knowledge means only helping spiritually not at all working towards physical help? Khalsa aid can come to rescue, why can’t you? Does helping means there will be a blot on you. If you are so tuned to knowledge and its path then I think you should follow the same what dadis and elder sisters did to spread Baba’s message without thinking anything in their earlier times.
Om Shanti

Our Response

To: Juhi & everyone reading

Dear Divine Sister

Giving priority to your letter because you mentioned a present situation of our Bharat. Here is a clarification of your doubts.

So listen. Prajapita BrahmaKumari organisation is doing and has been always doing such services whenever and wherever needed in the world. This is reason why Prime Minister of India announced this organisation as first hand of God in doing good to world. They undrstood the nature from outside. Narendra Modi ji did not receive God’s knowledge however, but they did experience real spiritual peace. They have visited Mount Abu 2 or 3 times.

So said that it is ALWAYS that God’s Yagya must and should support the world souls. Here also, we did support in BOTH – Physical and Spiritual way.

Physical -> During natural or man made calamity, we donate food and clothes. Plus give moral support by personally visiting. This was also done during man natural calamities around the world.

Spiritual -> Almost all our centres – during the Amritvela or evening Yog, give Sakash to souls who are disturbed (in need of Peace). Giving spiritual light to souls calms their mind and give them an experience of peace.

Realise that spiritual support is needed much more than physical shelter. Also, in such times, many wealthy persons and NGO donated. Hence the received donations are more than enough.

Our support is ”incognito”. Not to display. We are ”spiritual” servants. Hence every act of help mush be hidden and lovingly performed.

“Never judge unless you know the whole truth”

See dear Juhi. Every religion passes through 3 stages – Satto, Rajjo, Tammo. Even the Brahman religion will pass through this.

God alone is capable to do good to his children. Even if no one helps physically, God alone is ingenious and powerful enough to uplift his children in need. So why feel bad for anyone ?

DRAMA. Everything happens for a good reason. Have patience and you will understand.

Yes. Yagya at present has reached a body conscious stage. Baba know. I know.

And we also know what will happen next. Therefore giving you the light of hope. New word has been created under the curtains. Have hope on your father dear soul.

So how in your opinion should the Yagya (organisation) help – do you think physical help is needed to those for whom many are giving the help?

It is possible that Shiv baba gave inspiration to those who donated wealth and support. So this indicates that now time is that Baba will guide worldly souls more than Yagya souls. Now baba is preparing for inner transformation in non Gyani souls. Do you get this way? God is so great. So never doubt.

As Baba is emerging goodness in worldly souls, they also will be attracted to Gyaan. Think – if nothing bad happens in world – how will good happen? How will good souls get a chance to show their ”goodness” if there is nothing bad.

This is the accurate reason why everything happen for a reason.

You are very wise soul. Caring for other souls, our brothers. But in doing so, you need to give them Sakaash. Not to waste time. You can become GOD’s hand in giving light. in World Transformation. Are you willing ?

Remember – ”Will is the best friend. Will is the best enemy” So control your ‘will’ power.

What is Sakash -> https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/single-post/How-to-Give-Sakash-and-Dhristi

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