Overcoming fear and negative thinking

Email received seeking help regarding negative thinking and fearing death.

Original Question

Om Shanti sister,
My mind is really upset. I get worried for my small health issue. A fear of death or is created in my mind as I lost my 2-3 friends all of sudden through deadly disease. I am not able to come out of it since past more than a year. I fear that my negativity will get converted into reality. Please please guide me.Thank you.

Our Response

To: Everyone reading this
From:  Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister,
Your email is received and read. Here is our response

You are immortal. And what happened to your friends is a natural process in this world cycle. Let me to elaborate.

You should first understand that you are a soul and not this physical body. It is a universal law that if anything takes birth then it must die. So they body goes through a process of life and death. Whereas soul is an energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Hence it is immortal, meaning that it lives on forever. This drama of birth and death goes on.

Now why you feel fear is because, maybe you think it is a very painful process or what will happen to your loved ones after you are gone and so on. There is another law you must understand which is the law of Karma. Your birth and death is already fixed by you before you were born and no one can change that. How you are going to leave the body is also fixed, for eg. disease, accident, natural death etc. So no one can change that either.

Instead of thinking negatively, focus on what you can do in the present. A human soul takes the human body to express itself completely through all it’s qualities such as love, peace, purity, joy… Try to stay true to this nature and all your fear will be removed.

When the soul performs actions bringing and using its original virtues (peace, purity, love) then they experience inner bliss, a stage of self satisfaction. You do this and see yourself.

~~ What you can do ~~

Learn more about who you are: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/who-am-i-the-soul (Day 1: Who am I?)

About God: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/god-the-supreme-soul-shiv-baba

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