Terrorism: Forgive or not?

The cause of all causes ( How to Judge and Decide, Is terrorism highest crime?, How does God see our Karma? )

Original Question

We know that forgiveness is one of the greatest art of bravery but should we forgive the terrorists who kill so many people?

Our Response

To: Everyone reading this

There is no reason not to forgive. What is there is that you don’t know the whole picture. If you wonder why GOD would forgive those who kill others, it is because God knows and can see the whole picture.

Human beings themselves decides, judges what is wrong and what is right. Then they decide the same for God also. Everyone is a child of God. He loves all his children.

The second point of seeing is that – THIS IS A DRAMA. A real drama. World is a stage. Hence you understand that all souls are merely playing their part in this. Now some souls have got a part of ‘Villian’ in which they need to kill one another. The very act of killing the other is NOT bad or good.

For instance, if you kill a terrorist, you consider it as GOOD. If you kill a normal person (as you call), it is BAD. So how to judge? Source: Law of Karma

GOD judges at the end. The basis of judgement is INTENTION. Yes, the intention behind what you do matters.

You cannot kill anyone. The Soul is eternal. If you kill his body, the soul takes another body. So there is no killing involved here. But on other hand, if you kill innocence, the moral values and virtues in a soul – that is a crime. So a bigger crime in God’s eys is to harm the soul. Harming anything in world is not right. But knowledge of being a Soul is needed. This is how a Soul conscious being sees the world, the way God see. Refer: Who am I, the Soul

Anyway, said that there is a REASON why a normal person has to become a terrorist. Do you see that reason?

Reasons are many like:

1. Poverty in family
2. Bad and corrupted government
3. Social pressure
4. Lack of money to buy food and live
5. In the wrong name of religion

If they get food to live, they join the terrorist group. Whose fault?
The corrupt government of the country?
Country’s army? Who waste millions of rupees in weapons, leaving the innocent people in poverty?
Those who does not help who are in need?
Religion’s misusers? -> Who in the name of religion (Islam) spread violence and empower innocent people to take up weapons?

The reason of poverty is corruption and bad governance (politics)
The reason of corruption is lack of moral education
The reason of this is Population explosion

* Conclusion *

So the root cause of all troubles is the 5 vices , and especially the lust (body consciousness). This makes the soul helpless, powerless. While let you know the we the Soul is powerful enough to fight and overcome ANY problem. But this vice is our enemy who covers our wisdom to understand.

Hence explained that the very nature of soul is peace, purity, love and being happy. So if someone does something against thei own nature, this is a Bad karma. The most important virtue of Soul is peace. So we always search for peace, we appreciate peace, because WE ARE PEACE. Om Shanti.

Hope you not only got your answer, but also the way to solve

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