Exam fear – Role of parents

Question asked by a concerned mother about anxiety due to son’s exam

Original question

Om shanti.
I am rashmi from Dubai.My son exams are going to start on 2nd march of 12th grade.He has exam fear.He is doing well in tuition. But he is giving retest in school.After giving 2 retest he will get Hall Ticket.Pls pls I request you if you have any process or any thing which we can do at our place.I watch videos of Shivani didi and Suraj bhai.If possible pls pls can i speak with them.Its a question of my son’s future.Thanks and regards.


Our Response

To: Rashmi
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister

Your email is received and read. Here comes our reply.

It appears that you are more tensed than your son regarding the exams. Relax and calm down. If you as a parent create a very fearful, tension-filled atmosphere at home, it is surely going to affect your son is a negative way. He may already be tensed on his own and your vibrations are going to add to it which will further weaken him. So be strong and instill confidence in him.

Today’s education system is putting extreme pressures on students, understand that every child is different and comes with his/her own capacity. Try not to put so much emphasis on just getting good marks, rather appreciate him for his good nature and try to build values and virtues in his life.

So here are our Relaxing Nature sounds – A playlist. Do listen while study or to Relax mind. It is greatly loved by many..
* Nature’s Sounds -> https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/relaxation-music-nature-sounds

Regarding the question you asked, we are a spiritual organisation practicing and teaching Rajyog meditation. It is about making connection with God and getting peace and power in life. We do not perform any rituals and such things.

What is RajYoga meditation

You are welcome to know more about us

If you wish to visit your nearest center, you can do so

Do check all the links. Hope it helps you in the future.

On God fatherly service

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