Guidance for de-addiction.

Question was asked regarding helping teenage son from substance abuse and mental condition.

Original Question

I have been watching the videos of Awakening with Brahma Kamari’s for some months now. They are enormously helpful to me and I have been trying to put to use the wonderful advice. I feel my life is getting a lot easier in many ways. Thank you.There is at present a situation in my life regarding my 19 year old son who, on the whole, had been a bright and happy lad throughout most of his childhood. He is the youngest of my 3 children and there is quite an age gap between him and the other siblings. He lives at home with me and his father. He is currently looking for employment. He has just been diagnosed with ADHD which I believe has contributed to some of his problems. In particular his low self esteem grew worse when he began failing at school studies.He has been very challenging of late ( the past 18 months or so) with many of his choices causing his father and I a lot of stress. These would include bad choice of friends and activities (drug use, smoking cigarettes and vaping). Since discovering these activities I have been trying to talk sense to him, offering advise and taking him to people I feel could help him. He has always complied. However, things are still troubling me, as he still seems ‘lost’. I understand that the changes have to come from within himself. Until he ‘sees the light’ and the error of his ways I know I am powerless to alter him but I am learning that the power lies within myself to detach with love. At times it seems impossible to do that. My question is, can you offer me some advise that may give me hope for his future. I know that inside of him is a wonderful person, he just isn’t able to see it.We have always shown him lots of love and encouragement and will always do so.
In love,

Our Response

To: Jane
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister,

Your email is received and read. Here comes our response.

Your child is going through many things together – teenage, pressure from studies and his peers, the disorder. It is becoming too much to cope by himself. What you can do as a parent is to be empathetic, true acceptance of him with all his shortcomings and love him. To be able to do this and give so much, you need power. You require inner power to be stable and help him with his needs. You can derive such power from making a real connection to God and by know him in his truest sense. Once you start connecting to the supreme energy and send out pure vibrations, it will slowly change the atmosphere at home, which no doubt will touch him.

In the meantime, practically, all of you in the family can go together to the nearest Rajyog center and take up the 7 days course which will help you understand these concepts clearly and teach you how to meditate (connection to god).

BK Centre Locator ->

First you may know – What is RajYoga meditation:

You need to also understand one thing, whatever is happening it is due to past karma, both for you as a parent and for your child. Present time is the time of all the returns from our past accounts. Understand this universal law. Troubles are going to come, there is no escape, but what is in your hands is how you face it.

Remember this slogan with you: “Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional”.

So keep God as your companion and everything will seem to ease out.

(Video) Karma Philosophy:

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You could use this small PDF book on youth development which you yourself read AND also give it to your son to read. This is surely Life transforming ->

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Hope this helps. Do let us know his progress and you are always welcome to ask more.

In Godly World Service

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