Understanding relationships: Love, God, self.

Question asked via email regarding the situation with boyfriend and personal health issues.

Original Question

Om Shanthi
I am Lakshmi from Bangalore, currently I am working and I am 23 years.I started following Brahma Kumaris from my 5th standard later due to my studies I had to study in residential school,I remembered Baba in every thing and I used to follow most of the dharan. I came home after 12th std and joined engineering college.In my 2nd semester I got confused about my past and about Brahma Kumaris and few deaths happened during that time I was admitted in hospital and was diagnosed that I have bipolar mood disorder.I got episodes around 5 times and lastly it happened in April 2018,I went alone to Tirupathi,I was scolding everyone badly and when I came back my family had already given missing complaint and I was put in a rehabilitation centre for 20 days during this time I didn’t use phone I did Not speak to any of my family members and friends.During this time the boy whom I loved told my mother that he would drop from the relationship as I was not normal in mind.We loved each other and he cared me a lot previously when I was admitted he used to come to hospital and he took care of me.now he says he doesn’t love me.
I started listening to Shivani didi s talk and she said if something goes wrong in a reationship if one person creates a thought that everything is fine then one day relationship will heal,now can I create thought that everything is ok between that boy and me so that we would be like how we were before?
What thought I need to have and how I have to think please help me please.
Thanking you.

Our Response

To: Lakshmi
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Sister

Your email letter is received and read. Here is our response.

You have come in contact with Baba at a very young age haven’t you? You say you have been following and doing all the Dharanas. Have you taken the 7 days course and have you been reading Murlis regularly? If you have been paying attention you will understand that this is a very important time we are living in currently. It is called sangam yug and there is a lot of emphasis given on the aspect of purity.

As per Srimat, marriage is not allowed during this time and it is best to remain kumari. Shivbaba only gives advice, then it is up to the children’s choice. Read this article on celibacy.

Now as per your situation, you need to be alert and self-introspect, do you really need that kind of a relationship where the boy is ready to leave after discovering your sickness? Don’t you want to be loved and accepted unconditionally? This is possible only by sweet baba. So instead of thinking about how to get him back, try to channel your time and energy on strengthening your relationship with the almighty. He will never leave you but instead fill you with so much love and power that you will be able to heal yourself and give it everyone around you. Isn’t that beautiful?


  1. Wake up early in the morning and practice this swaman (self-respect affirmation) daily

2. Practice Rajyog meditation early morning where you have a conversation with Shivbaba and gradually you will notice that he will give you solution to all your problems.

3. Visit your nearest Rajyoga center regularly
Centre Locator (near you): http://www.brahmakumaris.org/centre-locator

4. Murli is the source of all attainments of knowledge and spiritual powers. You will be definitely benefited if you bring the Murli in your practical life.
Visit : Daily murli in 25 languages -> http://www.babamurli.com/

5. Remember that you are one of the lucky ones who got the chance to come close to Shivbaba at a very young age. Realize the importance, hold on to it and rise high. A beautiful world (Satyug) is waiting for you.

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Hope this helps. Do email and let us know of your progress.

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