Helping to heal from far away.

Question asked about helping brother’s physical and mental health condition through spirituality.

Original Question

Om Shanti
My Brother stays in Amritsar and I am married in Pune. He is 37 Years old . From past 13 – 14 Years he is completely at home . He was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy at the age of 24 – 25  . His confidence became very low to face people in his surrounding as he looked weak and use to fall down on road while walking. He started having imbalance while walking, trouble while climbing a stair. 
So he decided to stay back at home to keep himself away from people. My father was not able to take it that his son has incurable disease. My Father suffered from Liver disease and died in 2012. Now he stays with my mother . He feels sad and restless to see my mother working for him whole day and taking care of all day needs. He speaks very negative. He has endless grudges with the people . Many times he blame our relatives for his condition.  Whenever I speak to him I feel stressed as he just has complains to discuss. I feel compassion for his condition but I run avoid talking to him. Some where deep inside I feel sad for his situation no matter after understanding the law of karma.  I goes to BK center for Murli tries to give him positive vibes and energy. 
Pls Guide and What to do I want him to be alright mentally physically and spiritually.  
Om Shanti

Our Response

To: Unknown
From: Prajapita BrahmaKumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay (Godly Spiritual University)

Dear Divine Brother,

Your letter is read and here comes our response.

Your love and concern for your brother shows you are a kind-hearted person. What he is facing today is the result of his past karmas. Since he is already suffering from a physical disease it has made his mind further weak and that is why he is showing bitterness in his behaviour. As a family member is can be difficult to see him in such a condition, be compassionate towards him but you must remain detached in order to help him better. Like a good doctor who remain detached while treating the patients. If you remain detached and send him good vibrations, he will surely receive it and some day he might also be attracted towards baba and change himself.

You can wake up early in the morning and give sakash to him to heal him from this disease.

Commentary to give sakash

It is good that you are in gyan. Is your mother also in gyan? If so, she could also follow the same and create a beautiful spiritual atmosphere at home.

But remember one thing, in spite of all your true efforts, if your brother remains the same, then you must understand that this is the result of his karmic account and no one can change it. You have to become strong to accept it.


Karma Philosophy – Law of Karma:

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Hope it helps. All the best.

In Godly World Service

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