Purity and Self transformation with Swaman practice

Question asked about: ‘Handling Family in-Laws Relationships and staying away from negative thoughts and Maya.

Original Question

Namaste. I am living in Australia right now and arrived just 3 months ago. I am married for ten years and 29 years old and also have two lovely kids. I was only 19 when got married and faced many ups and down in my married life, even many times I decided to commit suicide and my in-laws want me to get divorced from my husband and whenever I talked to any boy in relatives they started to question on my character just because I have a smiley face. But I never lose my hope. I make myself so conservative and preserve that nobody can point me out. I always became loyal to my husband and shrink myself to him and my kids. As I strongly believe in God so I always afraid of doing any type of illegal work and sin. But my husband never tries to understand my feelings and even don’t give much respect to me. I have a shy and introvert nature. I don’t understand why people misunderstand me if I talk to them with a smile. Is really my character is not good? I don’t want to cheat my husband. But I still think about my identity and character, attracted to another man is not a sign of a good woman. Is that I gave them any signal that attracts them to me?

Our Response

From: Anand, Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

To: Everyone reading


You are cheerful and that is a virtue. If you create such thought for someone – definitely that thoughts will reach them and they will react if that soul is not powerful enough. This is how thoughts can influence.

Second – this all can be overcome. A powerful tree is not shaken even in midst of tsunami. Because its roots are deep and trunk is strong. Similarly – if Soul’s pure sanskars are deep and the mind is made powerful, then stability is seen in practical life.


Advice: Start Swaman Abhyas (practice of self respect). DAILY – wake up early in morning around 5 am, sit in silence and listen these commentaries and follow.

Swaman in Hindi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kYVRgC1PFM&list=PLVTJYOj3fHtHjdxqZhniGRCjWUv6MlRMY&index=2

Swaman in English: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhr4ChV3EEM&list=PLVTJYOj3fHtEe4C2MOHQT_tMLu0AuPJot

Save above playlist.

* Conclusion *

Practice given advice for atlleast 21 days and see the results in yourself. You have 2 children. Mother has natural feeling of belongingness to someone – for you – you should focus only on YOUR family or children. Do not even try to make any happy. JUST BE YOURSELF at your best.

Always remember – Lust is the greatest enemy of human being. NEVER you should surrender to any feeling that is risen by this lust.

Read this article on Purity – as a way of Life: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/single-post/celibacy-is-raja-yoga-way-of-Life

This is our advice.
Waiting for your response and progress.

In Godly World Service

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