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Question was asked via Email about – ‘How to stop overthinking and complaining about life?’ and follow a positive approach with enthusiasm.

Original Question

Dear mam
myself kashish…from past many many years there has been problem of being suffering from overthinking. So i would give th e problems list…i am not able to decide which one of these is the major cause.
— overly critical, compalining, never happy,
eating is the pure joy
easily bored
easily give up
feels down , irritated
people say i need to rectif..i also feel in some way..although i consciously apply some rules…but not able to sustain for longer…easily hurt. I dont know where i actually stand, mainintaing discipline is a problem for me.. if u receive the mail please revert back. mam please tell the main cause root of the problem..or let me know any no on which i can call u
keeping the faith i am writing the mail. hoping for solution
yours sincerely – ‘anonymous’

Response from BK Shivani:

From: BK Shivani, Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay
To: Kashish

You have described your insight about your nature. You asked for the reason or the root cause of this feelings.

If you think deeply, the root of this is ‘laziness’. See, you make rules, and then could not follow. When you critize situation, etc, then this means you had no clue that this can happen in future. If I have a clue, that this can happen, then I would definitely take precautions to avoid..

How to avoid? – Far sight is needed. When you take an important decision, you should think of future.

2. Why can you not follow the rules you made for yourself?

For example, we BK (brahmins) are to folow a spiritual law – wake up early in monring no late than 4 am. BUT many of us cannot follow. Why?


We know that this is most important for self transformation. 4 am is called as Amritvela time (best time). In this time, we sit in Raja Yog (meditation). In early morning, everyone is sleeping and all minds are at rest. Hence the atmosphere is pure and peaceful. This is the best time to do any productive work. Best for self insight.

BUT, even when we know this all, we have not realised this. We do not give importance. We may think – even if i wake up late, i feel okay. Nothing more is needed. Same for you – If you take a decision – you should first completely understanding the IMPORTANCE of that decision (rule) for your benefit.

Then you should take steps:

1. Understand the IMPORTANCE

2. Prepare the timetable for yourself (Sunday to Saturday)

3. Wake up early morning if possible. Site for meditation (with guided commentaries- Visit this page)

4. Sincerely observe yourself for atleast 1 DAY. See that you follow ALL the princles set by you.

5. Encourage yourself.

And yes, when you wake up early, after guided meditation, practice this Swaman (Hindi)

Swaman is extremely beneficial to the mind. Swaman means true self respect. Listen swaman commentaries for about 15 mins daily morning.

Doing all this is important. All 5 steps.Tell us your progress via this email after 14 days of practice.

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In Godly World Service
BK Shivani

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