Healing past relationship hurt

Email was received seeking help regarding past relationship hurt and how to overcome it

Original Question

Om Shanti,
I was in depression for last 10 months…….. my thoughts was not getting stop………..reason was the person with whom i was in a relationship has moved away and also my parents was not agreed for the same relation…….He is Brahmin and i am Sindhi i still like him…. I have made alot of mistakes during this last 10 months… i used to calln him always and msg him…at last he has blocked me as i was not getting normal….
During the whole Journey of last 10 months i has made only mistakes, i was in fear always.. and then was getting regret for the same….. i now realise that i have to move on and not to hold on guilt…Now. i watch the videos of Sister Shivani on You Tube …i have recovered alot… but as i listen to her, i realise that the person who moved away was perfect…..As much as i listen to her i realise that i have lost the person who was emotionaly perfect… he was pure, powerful, peaceful, blissful and happiee soul…. 
I always feel that i have lost a good person as my partner and i fear that if i could not forget him how would i accept the other one [one my parents will select for me]
I have fear that i will not be comfortable with the partner my parents will choose… i used to think always whether he will have qualities like him or not… i am working on my soul qualities….
i also have fear that i will have regret for the whole life that i have loose the good one..
Please Suggest

Our Response

Dear Divine Sister/Brother

Your email letter is received and read. Here is our response.

It is good that you have recognised the problem and the mistakes you were making. Self-realisation is the first step towards a positive solution. Next is you are actively seeking help to improve your situation.

One thing you must understand is that whatever happens, it happens for good and there is a reason behind it which is always beneficial for us. You may identify the benefits now or realise it later, one cannot say. But it is universal law that everything happens for good.

To truly love someone means to accept that person for who he is and give love. Not expecting anything in return. Instead of feeling pain and losing sleep just send him so much love that one day you will realise you are filled with love and you really don’t need another person to feel loved. You have everything within yourself. You are self-sufficient.

Regarding your situation : Your karmic account with that person is not deep enough to form a life-long relationship that is why this is happening. Since, you have decided to move on, it is best to focus your energy on self-development and not think about the past.


Practice this swaman (self-respect affirmation) daily

Listen to this if possible – everyday ->

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