Number of births of souls: World drama

Question asked via email about deep knowledge on world drama.

Original Question

Om Shanti.

I have a question about world drama. 

There are some souls who take 84 births, some take fewer and some only one or two births. Who has decided these numbers for each soul? As per karma philosophy everyone must go through from satopradhan to tamopradhan. A soul that is here for only 2 births, let’s say a soul comes down only just 100 yrs before the cycle ends, and go through satopradhan stage to tamopradhan, in such a case, he/she would not have got the chance(time) to become paavan before he returns to shantidham. Or maybe he has not committed so many sins at all in that short time. So why should he get such less number of births?

Our Response

To: Everyone reading

The divine law is 50-50.
Souls who take less births will follow this law. Those new souls experience happiness (good comfortable life) for 50 to 75% to their lifetime
In this 1000 years, science provides them all comforts of life.
Detailed explanation is provided in this audio clip.

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