Should I marry or should I wait?

What should I do to convince her for marriage? Should I think of marriage or should wait or should I forget and move ahead in life? Question asked on 15 Oct 2018 via email.

Original Question

Om Shanti.
I am a 27 year old working as an engineer with an IT firm in India. I fell in love with a girl working with me. It took some time for me to convince her for marriage and eventually she agreed. Her mother showed her horoscope somewhere and they said she is manglik and she can’t marry me as I am a non manglik. They say this combination is not favourable for marriage. The communication in our relationship has reached to no contact. It’s been 3-4 months now. From the day she came to know about the unfavourable match, She said she cant live in fear for her life. Maybe because her mother is not agreeing or she is not willing too. I also left the situation as is and walked away.From the last few days I have been practicing Swamaan by detaching myself from this situation and giving it to Baba. I have done the 7 day course in 2010. I read Murli as well on a daily basis. I am from Meerut (Uttar Pradesh).

Our Response

Dear Brother,

Your message is received. You have done the course 8 years ago. Hence you have taken the Gyaan. You also are studying the Gyan murli everyday. Isn’t it? Hence you must know that marriage is not permitted in this time. Shiv baba only gives advice. Then it is children’s choice. This time is difficult for everyone. Many changes are coming and will continue to rise till the transformation takes in place.

Murli has all this information. We not only should read murli, but churn (think about). Who is speaking? Is a human being speaking this divine knowledge? Murli is uploaded in MP3 also on OR if you use Sound Cloud app, here is our channel where complete sustenance is given daily:

Our answer to your question

As much information you provided, it is clear that your both karmic accounts are NOT deep enough for life long relationship. That is reason why this happen. It was only a temporary milan. Hence in every way, waiting for right time is necessary. If you BOTH believe that you both can live rest of life together, THEN ONLY should you think of marriage. Do not hurry. Always be patient and peaceful. You should keep talking with her. As you said, the Nakshatra (kundali) did not match and hence your marriage was not accepted.
Better is that you forget about this and learn what is there to learn.

You are already a special soul. In thousands, there is one who came and got the inheritance from the father (Shiv baba).


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