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Guidance given by us on Personal Development of a child. Both mental and physical. How one can guide and shape the child’s future the best way.

Original Question

I have a son, aged 7 years. The problem is, during study time he becomes restless and divert his mind to something else. This also happens during music class, abacus class as well. Sometimes, we loose our temper and scold him. Later on we feel sorry for our behavior.
We are not very ambitious parents, but we want him study on regular basis. Please suggest us how to deal with the child.
We have watched may videos of your’s and we like the most.

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Our Guidance

To: All Parents

First: General Advice

As you may observe, today’s children are prone to diverge their mind from study, because Science has given many instruments, especially mobile – which is very dangerous also. Children can access the entire world of information with that small device. This information can be negative. So parent’s responsibility is to save their children from such technology.

Yes, mobile is useful. But only to some entent which is needed. You MUST first teach the child – How to use the resources (in general – all resources)

Second – About Studies

Every child is different. We call a child – to a Soul who have a small body and small organs. They may not properly express what they wish to do in life. Hence parents are there for them. Parents should think for the child’s happiness also. As time is going, education system has given a big burden to small children and almost killed their innocence.

Remember, before only few decades (50 years ago), world was much better. Children were ‘children’. Innocence, playful and happy. The real meaning of education is – HOW TO THINK?

Studies is important for mental growth and playing is important for physical and emotional growth. This is our opinion.

Based on this understanding, you can lovefully guide your child towards studies.


Give him a good time for playing outside or watching cartoon. Then after tell him to study. Love can only transform, not scolding.

Children are like a wet mud. As you shape them now, they will remain for their entire life. So be very careful what you teach them NOW.

SOURCE: This wisdom is given to us, by God himself.

God, our supreme father has come. Come, know this and everything that was hidden: https://www.brahma-kumaris.com/about-us

We are always for everyone in world service. Either personal advice or spiritual, you are free to contact us.

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