Healing Relationships: lack of trust and cheating husband or wife

Email letter we received from Shweta on 3 Oct 2018 about – How to handle husband/wife relationship when there is lack of trust and values in relationship or there is cheating?

Original Question:

Hello Sister,
I seen some of your videos about relationships.
It is really knowledgeable and helpful but still i need your help to solve this Question. My Question is if life partner betrayed again and again and wife or husband forgive him/she again and again, forgiveness became weakness and common. life partner keep doing that mistake(extra marital affair )so now husband /wife should forgive him /her or punished ?

Our Response

From: Prajapita Brahma Kumari Ishwariya Vishwa Vidhyalay

Essence-full advice: If you think your husband can change himself if you explain, then you should once try and try your best to calmly explain that what is right and what is wrong. Try to guide him morally. Moral values are needed to sustain family life. You may also together visit the nearest BK centre to your home. There he will get a pure and spiritual environment in which you can explain him and there you both will get the benefit of pure and powerful atmosphere and if you ask, the sister at the centre will also guide you both.

Best way to solve a misunderstanding or problem like this, is to talk. When you both get time, you sit together and talk with patience. Stay calm and sweetly ask what questions you may have for your husband. Ask him. You do not need to react.

After you talk, convince them to come with you to visit a nearby Brahma Kumari Ashram (centre). Centre locator: http://brahmakumaris.org/centre-locator

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